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German Essays

German Expressionism and Tim Burton

Tim Burton’s films have often been noted as modern day forms of German expressionism (the creative movement in Germany before World War l). It is through such things as sets, themes, makeup and costuming, lighting and shadows, acting techniques, and character that we can see Burton has been widely influenced …

The dark films influenced by German expressionism

German expressionism happened amid the endeavor of a liberal equitable republic after the alleged “Walk upset” in 1848. The unrest prompt the Weimar republic until 1933 where the NSDAP ascended in control and carried with it a totalitarian autocracy. Despite the fact that this is the closest gauge to how …

Food and wine pairing

For this assignment the wine region Baden in southern Germany is chosen (see attached picture). Baden is one of the most popular wine regions in Germany due to (apart from its beautiful wines) the great weather and beautiful landscapes. This results in a perfect atmosphere for comfortable wine trips and …

Why did Germany go to war in 1914

The assassination of the Archduke of Austro-Hungary in Sarajevo on June 28 1914 and the declaration of war by Austro-Hungary on Serbia one month later were undoubtedly catalysts for the war which was to follow, however can also easily be seen as exchangeable factors in the build up to Germany …

The 'German model' of industrial relations in the past 20 years

The German industrial relations system has been called the “social partnership model” because of the cooperative style and the strong consensus orientation. However during the 1980s and 1990s the centrally co- coordinated neo-corporatist German model of IR is in a state of Flux. The German model of IR has become …

Chapter 25 Hitler's Germany

Before Hitler came to power, freedom to live ones own life within the law was protected by powerful forces within the German Republic. 1st, the Republic was a federation of states, or lander, each with its own democratically elected government. Those second-level govs. Worked as a check on the power …

Volksgemeinschaft in Germany between 1933-1939

Volksgemeinschaft when translated means “peoples community”. It was the Nazi ideology to try and create a perfect German society, which would be united through different factors, including race, blood and traditional values. Hitler’s aim was to create a class-less society and return German people to a rural way of life; …

How far was Germany to blame for causing WW1

It is apparent to see that in today’s society when anything about any of the world wars is mentioned the first thing that comes to mind is Germany, especially if we are talking about the origins of the wars. However if we ponder into this matter further and emphasise on …

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