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Mexican Essays

How Does Popular Culture Stereotype Latinos?

Looking around us today, major stereotypes are continuously prevalent in society. Stereotypes are people’s fixed ideas or beliefs about the characteristics of a particular group. Thanks to American popular culture, stereotypes are more widespread than ever. Popular culture has a strong role in America’s communities and even people’s lifestyles alone. …

Сontext of the Mexican-American Community

Chicano or Chicana are synonymous terms in the domain of Mexican American presence. These can be prescribed as the chosen identity for a sect of the Mexican Americans within the purview of the United States. Commonly, the term Chicano is used alternatively for the general Mexican-American population. Both the names, …

Corrido and the History of Mexican Life in Song

The Mexican corrido has become a global genre compared to when it first was born. Many will say that corridos tell stories of everyday life of the Mexican folk, however, a lot of people will also say that this type of music not only talks about violence but also fuels …

Dance in Mexican Youth Culture

During the late 20th century, the quebradita style became widely popular as a Mexican American dance across southwestern United States; while some argue that this dance style originated from the United States-Mexico border, others believe it originated In Jalisco or Sinaloa. In Sydney Hutchinson’s, From Quebradita to Duranguense: Dance in …

Mexico's War on Drugs

Drug cartels have been a leaking problem, not only to the United States but especially in Mexico going back to the 1900s when Mexico began to smuggle Marijuana into the United States. Later, from the 1950s to the 1970s Americans sought out more lethal drugs such as cocaine, heroin, and …

Transformation Of Mexican Americans’ Cultural

Started with European countries’ colonial project and invasion, western culture and custom have exerted great impact upon aboriginal cultures especially Latin American traditions. These influences were largely change how Latin Americans practice their traditions, and they integrated different elements to the celebration of Latin American festivals. When the immigrant flow …

Learn More About Mexican Cannabis Legislation

The future Mexican cannabis industry is set to play a significant part in the international cannabis market. Unlike the United States’ handling of marijuana-related legislation, which has resulted in legal framework that differentiates between hemp and cannabis, Mexico’s legalization of cannabis will address all forms of the plant. The potential …

A Brief Guide To Mexican Subcultures

Chicano/a Subculture The chicanos/as subculture is both a mixture of the Mexican and American cultures. A chicano/a is a person born in the United States, but is from a Mexican origin or decent. Even though we grow up in America we maintain our Mexican customs, such as the language and …

The Journey of Mexican Woman in the 60’s and 80’s

My interview with Maricela Adame, who is my girlfriend’s mother opened my eyes to the journey that she had coming to America from Mexico as first a tourist in the 1960’s and eventually as a permanent resident in 1986. Her story is also full of challenges that happened before and …

Mexican American/Hispanic End-of-Life Care

On a day to day basis within the medical field, it is likely to encounter patients from a variation of ethnical and cultural backgrounds. Within each culture, there are beliefs, values, traditions, and maybe even rituals that shape their expectations and actions regarding medical care. It is imperative as a …

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