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1. In a succinct manner, describe what the ESPN brand means to consumers. ESPN stands for Entertainment and Sports Programming Network. Consumers associate ESPN with excellence in the sports entertainment business. ESPN satisfies the need for sports to customers. ESPN broadcasts by utilizing television, internet, radio and mobile. Television was step one for ESPN. ESPN was the first sports networks to take advantage of HDTV with simulcast service for ESPN and ESPN 2 and is currently maintains the most HD programming content and highest level of HD viewership in sports. Sports Center was ESPN’s first program. “Sports Center is a daily sports television program and the “flagship program of American cable and satellite television network ESPN since the network’s launch on September 7, 1979 (ESPN).” In the beginning, Sports Center only ran one time per day Sports Center is now shown up to twelve times a day, replaying the day’s score and highlights from major sporting events, along with commentary, previews and feature stories.

Additionally, “ESPN leads the nation for sports radio. ESPN broadcasts syndicated sports talk shows, providing more than 9000 hours of content annually to college and major league sports events. Through internet, ESPN.com is leading sports website, boasting live streaming and 32 original podcasts each week (intangiblebusiness).” The rising star in ESPN’s online portfolio is ESPN360.com. Fans can also get exclusive content and video games. Through mobile, Mobile ESPN was designed as ESPN’s own cell phone network, putting content into sports fans’ pockets 24/7. ESPN provides real-time scores, stats, news, highlights. ESPN content is now reaching viewers through agencies that place it in airports and on planes, in health clubs, and even in gas stations.

2.What is ESPN selling? Discuss this in terms of the core benefit, actual product and augmented product levels of ESPN? ESPN is providing the benefit for customers to know everything that is going on in sports, whenever they want to know. ESPN products allow consumers to immerse themselves in the world of sports. They don’t just get the news about their favorite teams or watch a great game, but they can learn about what is going on in a league or all about players. The multiple media channels and languages cover all major sports across all brand equity. fans may go to the ESPN Zone restaurant and watch a game while they eat. They can participate in online fantasy leagues and games run by ESPN. They can buy ESPN apparel and gear online or in stores. They can take lessons at ESPN golf school. Sports teams can even play in competitive events hosted by their Wide World of Sports tournaments in Orlando ,Florida (ESPN). These are just a few things that make ESPN more accessible and connected with a large audience of sports enthusiasts.

3. Does ESPN have strong brand equity? How does its brand equity relate to brand value? The brand has recognition in the customers of cable networks but they have special recognition for being a good source of sports information, news and events. A differential effect is the fact that for some events they can buy the rights for show on TV. Depending on the preferences of the customer, they will choose which one of the matches they prefer. The strong brand equity generate a beneficial set of loyal customers, that means that it represents a high level of income because of fidelity.

4. Cite as many examples as you can of co-branding efforts involving ESPN brand. For each of these cases, what are the benefits and possible risks to ESPN? Visa Card: You can now get an ESPN credit card that keeps the brand exposed whenever it is used, and ESPN recieves royalties for having their name on the card with minimal financial risk (forbes). ESPN cell phone: this was not a successful venture but they have learned lessons which are being applied to the new MOBILE ESPN services (forbes). ESPN on ABC: This was one of the greatest co-branding efforts made by ESPN. Two huge TV networks coming together to create quality sports broadcasting was a great thing for both companies. It was risky, but it worked partly because they are both owned by Disney (forbes). ESPN sports equipment: A range of products is available in many retail stores. They are usually items like low-cost basketballs or footballs, intended for kids to play with in their backyard. the benefit is that kids are being exposes to ESPN at a young age and will associate their sports equipment with the brand. A risk could be managing the quality of products.

5. Analyze ESPN according to the brand development strategies from the text. What have they done in the past? What would you recommend to ESPN for future brand development? They are doing brand extension creating some brands and creating a new experience of entertainment, examples are the changes and expansion in TV, radio, internet and on the mobile phones. What they did and keep doing is creating value giving to their customers constant information satisfying clients’ needs and wants. I recommend continuously positioning and maintaining the perception that they have through communication in order to not create brand confusion and affect customers’ attitudes toward the brand. Another thing that I recommend is ESPN should try to keep their brand fresh, using and improving the technology to make better experiences of watching, herring and knowing the sports.



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