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Tennis Essays

Sports for Girls

If you walked around McClymonds (Mack), you would think it is an all boys school? It isn’t, however that’s how it seems to me. I am an 11th grade girl who attends Mack. I noticed that the football team gets all the love, money, opportunities, and support–anything they need is …

How Did it all begin?

From the collection of data relevant toward my research topic, I found a collective amount of data to identify where the different sides of disagreement came from on the discourse of twitter. In the video footage from the match of the competitors, Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka, there were several …

Silent Protest - a Long Debate

From the very beginning of Americas historical events, protesting has been one of the few ways that people have been able to express their beliefs. It is a right given to U.S. citizens that is established in the 1st amendment. A few of those rights that are given in the …

Anxiety and Athletic Performance

Intrоductiоn Athletes tоday need tо be able tо cоpe with the anxiety and pressure that is placed оn them in the cоmpetitive wоrld оf spоrts. A large deal оf research has been dоne оn examining the relatiоnship between anxiety and perfоrmance within the field оf athletics. In оrder tо shоw …

Disney World

Arranging an outing to Walt Disney World in January can be somewhat of a test. In any case, when you’ve booked your hotel, gotten park tickets, arranged your suppers and such fun, you’re good to go, isn’t that so? Shockingly, no. Presently you must consider what to pack for Disney …

Equal Opportunities for Boys and Girls

Girls’ should not play on boys’ sports teams and vice versa because of biology, statistics, and the law. Physically the male and female bodies are different. One is not superior to the other, but they each have certain traits that differentiate them. The entire human body consists of cells that …

Battle of the Sexes

The Imitation Game is a movie based on true events. Set in 1952, a gay British man named Alan Turing was a code-breaker, a computer pioneer, and a British mathematician who helped Allies to win the Second World War. Alan Turing was put to crack the Nazi codes, including Enigma …

People who Have a Positive Impact on the Development of the Country

An Indian social activist and retired Indian Police Service (IPS) officer, Kiran Bedi, was born on June 9, 1949 in Amritsar, India in a well-to-do Punjabi business family. She is the second child of Prem Lata and Prakash Lal. Her upbringing was not raised religiously; however, she was raised into …

A Game that is Valued

Spain is located in Europe The capital of Spain is Madrid. Three cities in Spain are Barcelona, Valencia, and Madrid. Madrid is Spain’s biggest city. Madrid is in central Spain. Madrid is the focal point of government and the transportation focal point of the entire nation. Barcelona is the second …

Leaps Lab

In this experiment the results we obtained correlated with each hypothesis given. The effect on our muscles when fatigued or having gone thru environmental changes such as temperature, changed the pace at which our muscles were able to perform. In this discussion you will be able to understand in detail …

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