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Swimming Essays

Enslaved Swimmers and Divers in the Atlantic World

Dawson makes three important and or interesting claims in his work. First, is that African’s have had swimming abilities since before the time of slavery. He highlighted this truth with the comparison of swimming methods and or skills of African’s and Westerner’s. Next, was that slaves would incorporate swimming into …

 The Summer Olympics Are Changing and You Would Never Guess Why 

The summer Olympics have evolved around the world since the 1800 due to a desire for more sports, more equal rights, and world conflict. The first reason the Olympics have changed was a desire for more sports, because of this several extra sports have been added to the Olympics since …

A Review on the Disney's Old Key Resort Facilities and Residence Quality

One of the most energizing pieces of Disney get-away arranging is picking where to remain. The Walt Disney Company has constructed numerous astounding inns, every one of which contains pitch-impeccable theming and staggering civilities. Since your hotel will function as your command post during your excursion, you need to pick …

The Kellogg Company

Kellogg Company is one of the United States’ leading cereals and nutrition supplier in the region. The company that began in 1906 by William Keith Kellogg has over the century expanded its market through the provision of various goods and services. The company has its headquarters in Battle Creek, Michigan, …

The Deep sea

Oceanography, the science of the oceans and seas, includes marine environments, coastal zone, management, fisher economics and marine pollution. The deep sea is the largest biosphere on earth canvasing relatively 79% of the earth’s solid surface. The deep sea, according to “The Blue Planet of Seas of Life”, is one …


Holt is a suburb. It’s located in Belconnen district in Canberra, Australian capital territory Australia. The suburb was named after Harold Holt a Prime Minister of Australia from 1966 to 1967. The street names in the suburb are named after sportsmen’s and sportswomen’s. Holt has a few local shops and …


Fishing has changed a lot over time. Fishing rods and reels have gotten better and better every year, so have fishing lures. The first artificial fishing lure was invented in the late 1890s’ by James Heddon. The fishing rod has been around since 2000 BC. The fishing reel was invented …


Researchers agree that swarming is a process that involves the coordination of diverse movements of bacteria across solid and semi solid surfaces. Through swarming, there is a combination of cell migration, which in chemical terms is referred to as chemotaxis. The movement is through the presence of inflammatory mediators. The …

Resemblance between us and fish

Fish have backbones and skulls just like us. All creatures including us are descended from ancient fish. The tangle of nerves inside humans is also the basic wiring found in fish. The skeleton of every animal on earth had the same patterns of bones in a limb. The in between …

A pool

Creating a pool is a fabulous way to enhance your outdoor experience. It adds a wow factor to your dream abode and an impressive, elegant touch which can bewitch your guests. Right from scintillating Fresno summer parties with your friends to spending a beautiful romantic evening with your partner; having …

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