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Running Essays

How to Overcome Depression and Anxiety 

I want to share with you some ways how you can probably overcome depression and anxiety. Well, I’m not going to tell you what to do but I just want to share with you the daily habbits I have to fight depression and anxiety just in case it’s something that …

Increasing Vertical Jump Height

The vertical jump is how high a person can jump while you are standing in one place (standing vertical) or running and then jumping (running vertical). Examples of vertical jumps would be jumping for a dunk or rebound in basketball or when you are going up for a block or …

Athletics Is the Oldest Sport in the World

The sport of track and field started with a 600-foot race during the first Olympics in the year 776 BC in Greece. Additional events were gradually added to each Olympic Games until the modern sport was finally derived. Although track and field is one of the oldest sports in the …

Running Is Not Just a Sport

Running is one of the methods used locomotion which allows humans and other animals to move on foot. Running became an official game in 776 B.C., and it was first-ever Olympics games, but running isn’t only sport we need it in our daily life in whatever we do. First of …

Development of the General Motility of the Child

Recently during the summer, I work at Happy Hearts Learning Center and spent my time with the preschoolers taking them to activities outside of school. In the time I spent there, the children, ages four to five years old, engaged in different activities at the waterpark, playground, museums and much …

Is Taking Drugs to Break a Record Really Worth Losing Your Career Over?

All the hard work you put in over the years, just for it to be taken away from you in a second over performance enhancing drugs because you wanted to win. Maybe your injury was so bad that you need to use illegal drugs to cure it without doctor orders. …

Patagonia Is a Manufacturer of Outdoor Sportswear

Patagonia is a business that makes clothing for snowboarding, climbing, skiing, trail running, surfing and other outdoor sports. These activities rely on the health of the environment in a sense because all of these activities happen out in the wild. Patagonia realizes this, and believes that they need to help …

Right Cerebrovascular Accident, Left Hemiplegia, Left Neglect

Many years ago, the father of medicine, Hippocrates, described a stroke or Cerebrovascular Accident as unexpected onset of paralysis (N,2004). As of then medicine had little knowledge on the disease, but the world of CVA medicine is developing into better approaches such as therapies that are being improved every day …

Is It Better to Go to the Gym or Workout at Home?

Exercise is a physical activity that can improve one ’s health and quality of life dramatically. The buzz one gets from the endorphins that are released while one is working out is something that everyone needs in their life. So, it does pay to get involved and start working out. …

Running Is One of the Categories of Triathlon

Triathlons consist of three types of categories. Running, Biking, and Swimming. A client wants to participate in their first triathlon, but they are currently only a recreational exerciser. This client will be taken through three steps. These steps include, and informative step, where they will be told information that will …

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