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Silent Protest – a Long Debate

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From the very beginning of Americas historical events, protesting has been one of the few ways that people have been able to express their beliefs. It is a right given to U.S. citizens that is established in the 1st amendment. A few of those rights that are given in the 1st amendment are a right to vote, freedom of speech, freedom of protest, and freedom of religion. In the latest past years there has been an up rise in what is known as silent protesting. Silent protesting is a peaceful type of protesting that demonstrates the persons beliefs or that they are protesting. Silent protesting has especially become popular in the sports world but a lot of people are angry because it is seen as disrespectful. Should silent protesting be allowed? Even though some silent protesting can be considered disrespectful, silent protesting should be permitted because it is their right to protest and fight for what they believe is right.

Silent protesting has become very common among athletes in these times because it is a easy but clear display of what they are protesting and they are also not being violent. Even though it is in their right to be able to protest it shouldn’t be allowed because it makes other to do things that are not good behavior. Sports are viewed by a lot of people everyday and one of the main sources of entertainment and many young kids also watch as well, this could be a consequence and trigger kids to do the same. Many kids look up to sport athletes and desire to be like them, so if there favorite athlete that they look up to is protesting then they will probably do it too. One of the big problems is kids are beginning to protest in unsuitable places and times. Based on the article the author says “It is a choice for students to participate in extracurricular activities, not a right, and we at Bossier schools feel strongly that our teams and organization’s should stand in unity to honor our nations military and veterans.”(Hauser 2). A lot of times young kids will take these protest they have seen on television and take them to school, even though they may not know its wrong but a classroom full of students and teachers is not the most appropriate place to protest. There also could be children there who’s parents have been in one of the us branches serving for the country or are serving or even teachers and that could make problems and cause disruptions with their education. It would cause interruptions and even a feeling of being uncomfortable in classrooms where kids should feel good in a good environment, but these kids are being affected by being uncovered to these silent protest and are being rude to people and there beliefs even though they may not know it.. Not only is it wrong but impolite as well, there are many people who sacrifice their lives, family, and time everyday and people still don’t honor them and their sacrifices . The least these people can do is pay tribute and honor the national anthem and flag for the all the sacrifices and hard work people make everyday so that people like these athletes can be living comfortably and in peace.

Even though a lot of people debate that silent protesting shouldn’t be permitted it should be, a lot of people are getting furious because of the types of protest, people make other people who takes part in the protest look bad ,like athletes but it is their right to do so. A lot have been wanting to prevent these protest from happening however everyone has their own things they believe in and are allowed to hold them and express them either it be expressed through silent protesting or any other different ways. Based on the article the author Mark Woods says “Serena Williams boycotted a tennis tournament in South Carolina because of the states flying of the confederate flag.”(Woods 2). Unfortunately in the time period that we currently live in discrimination still is present and a lot of people have different stances on different ethnicities and backgrounds, but it is seen that one of best female athletes and tennis player protested in a peaceful manner. Even though she was clearly informed that South Carolina was a racist state she decided to not protest in a violent manner, even though it might have been a problem for some because she was still protesting, she still decided to take part in a protest but it was a silent protest instead. It was a easy and clear way to show what she believes in a peaceful way but people are still disagree with it. Even though she set a positive example a lot of athletes like Serena have received consequence for partaking in protest of this form which is sad because no one should receive consequences for practicing their rights but instead on the contrary they should be motivated to be involved and happy that people like athletes are being involved in politics. Based on the article the author Mark Woods says “ He got arrested on picket lines. He gave speeches. He pushed for boycotts. And did it while playing.”(Woods 1). There is a lot of professional athletes like this athlete, his name was Ashe and he was one of best tennis players who received consequences for protesting. A lot of times people don’t see eye to eye with these superstar athletes and their types of protest like silent protest because it is does not go according to their belief. However these athletes should be allowed and be encouraged to keep protesting because it encourages other too also do it as well. These superstars have a large impact on young people and also adults and by encouraging these people to do so it would make a huge impact and movement where everyone could be politically involved.

Silent protesting hasn’t been an uncommon seen that has been viewed in the past in the sports world but one athlete in specific is the football team known as 49rs. Their previous quarterback Colin Kaepernick caused huge headlines around all of America. Colin Kaepernick started silent protesting in the beginning of NFL games during the national anthem by kneeling on one knee. Kaepernick started to make it something that would happen every game and would always do it. Colin Kaepernick said that one of the particular reasons in which he took the decision to take a knee during the national anthem was brought up by the injustice and police brutality among African Americans. Based on the article the author John Eligon says “Colin Kaepernick, the San Francisco 49rs quarterback who touched off a national debate when he chose not to stand during the playing of the national anthem before games, has emboldened a handful of other players to follow suit.”(Eligon 1). Colin Kaepernick for a long period of period was discussed by many news outlets and sport news channel however this also lead to many into heated arguments. Many were arguing that it was disrespect to the U.S and everyone who served in it while others were strong advocates and supported him and went along with him one prime example is his team who also joined Kaepernick. However this ended up in Kaepernick losing his job due to the silent protest. Its sad that big time athletes like Colin Kaepernick are frowned upon to protest mainly because its violating their first amendment rights. Even the president of the United States Donald Trump was against it, however it seen that even though Colin Kaepernick was punished for practicing his rights he encouraged other and not only his teammates but all of the NFL fans and even the people who don’t watch football. Through a easy silent protest Colin Kaepernick encouraged other people and sparked a movement that could be considered one of the most controversial moments in the sports world sports however there are a lot who are still against it. A lot of times people see superstar athletes as just athletes and just that and people only want them to only do their jobs which is to play sports but these have to understand and realize these athletes have their own beliefs and shouldn’t receive any consequence only because they don’t have the same beliefs or viewpoint. Based on the article the author Suzette Hackney says “But when it comes down to it, some people only see him only as a black man”. For those individuals, his nothing more than that nasty word we wont publish-the N-word.”(Hackney 1). The quote talks about peoples point of view on LeBron James who is one of the best basketball players in sports. LeBron James is another player who always speaks his mind even though he doesn’t take a knee he has showed that he to is in agreement and support for Colin Kaepernick however like Colin Kaepernuck he too is hated on and also gets insulted for having different opinion.

Silent protesting has been evolving the sports world in that silent protest have been occurring since a while back and still happen to this day. Also it has showed that the movement that started out as a small simple thing became a huge movements. Based on the article the author Zach Johnk says “In March 1996, the National Basketball Association suspended Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf of the Denver Nuggets for his refusal to stand during the national anthem.”(Johnk 1). This basketball player s showed courage by exercising his 1st amendment rights as American citizens. This in turn resulted in what the silent protest are known today .That silent protest occurred in 1966 we see now that through this past history it has inspired to create big movements.

Silent protesting has been a long lasting debate that has triggered controversial arguments between many people arguing if it should be allowed in sports while others saying it shouldn’t be. Even though it may look like some silent protest are showing disrespect toward anyone who has served for the U.S. they are not. In contrary instead they are protesting injustices and problems that are seen and lived in America. One prime example is police brutality, something that happens regularly and that could leave alot in fear of the people who are supposed to protect citizens but sadly they are wanted to be quiet and just play sports like if there isn’t nothing going on. But through these silent protest it creates a movement that allows a difference and that’s why silent protest should be permitted.

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