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Egg Baby Project & Baby Think It Over

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You are responsible for your egg baby and must take your baby everywhere you go, even to school! There will be a day care center in Room 225 for you to drop off/pick up your baby each day. Please read the requirements and consequences for not following them. This project lasts for four (4) days. You will be given class time to complete the project; you will also be responsible for caring for the baby outside of class. If you have questions, please ask! Please do not wait until the last minute to come to me with any questions or concerns, if it is too late there isn’t anything I can do. You must receive an 85% or higher in order to be given the opportunity to take the baby simulators home. You must return the signed parent/guardian form by the due date in order to participate in both of these projects. The Egg Baby project is required for this class; the Baby Think It Over Project is optional.

* Drop your baby off every day before classes begin along with your “payment stub,” that way I know you dropped your baby off, no exceptions. Place the baby in his/her carrier in the designated area of the room. * Pick your baby up every day after classes. The drop off and pick up need to be done by the “PARENT” (no other person may get the baby unless arrangements are made by the “parent” in advance with Ms. Stump). * Check on your egg baby frequently to ensure your baby is healthy and well. You should not stop by the daycare, checking on your egg is to be done at home. * Provide a safe place for the baby to be when you are not holding him/her (egg baby carrier). * Create and maintain an egg baby book

* Daily Activities include: Daily egg check, Daily journal, Egg Baby Book Consequence Papers:
Not picking your baby up from day care or dropping your baby off at day care * Loss of points for that day
* Write a 1-2 page paper on the emotional, social, and physical affects of neglect on a child Dropping/Cracking Egg
* Notify me as soon as possible. This does not mean that you have failed the project. We may be able to bandage the egg * Write a 1-2 page paper on the social, emotional, physical, and financial affects of having a child with a birth defect Damaged beyond repair

* Write a 1-2 page paper on dealing with the loss of a child Someone else damages Egg or you damage on purpose
* Write a 2 page paper on the social, emotional, and physical of Shaken Baby Syndrome. Dear Parent/Guardian,
Your student is participating in an Infant Care Project. Your student will be caring for an Egg Baby for four (4) days. During that time they will be required to complete assignments relating to the care of a real baby while caring for their Egg Baby. The purpose of this project is to allow students to experience some of the responsibilities that are involved in the care of babies. Please read the project guidelines for further information. Please contact me at any time with any questions and/or concerns regarding this project by email at [email protected] or at (845)563-5400, Thank you for your continued support in this project and any other class assignments.

Please Sign and return the below form, Thank You. (parent/guardian name) have read information regarding the Egg Baby Project and understand that __________________________________________ (student name)will be participating in the Egg Baby project from __________ to __________ I am also aware that if the student receives at least an 85% on this project they will have the opportunity to participate in a subsequent project using a baby simulator and I will provide them with the support needed to participate in this project. The baby simulator costs over $500 and I understand that if the baby is lost or damaged in any way I will have to reimburse the school the cost of the baby. I will provide One (1) 9-Volt battery in order for my student to participate in the baby simulation project. Battery is due: ___________________________. Please check all that apply, permission will not be granted if specific boxes are not checked

* Permission to participate in the Egg Baby Project Initial __________

* Permission to participate in the Baby Simulation
project if student is eligibleInitial __________

* No permission granted for Baby SimulationInitial __________ Please be aware that any damage or loss to the Baby Think It Over will result in you and/or your parent/guardian having to reimburse the school the total cost of the baby which is over $500.

Student Signature _________________________________________________ Date: ______________

Parent/Guardian Name: (Please Print) ___________________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian Signature __________________________________________________ Date: ____________ RETURN THIS FORM BY _________________________

Name: ____________________________ Total Grade: _____
Egg Baby Grading Guidelines: (200 Points Total)

* Obtain parent/guardian signature by ________________(5 Points) _________ You cannot complete your project without it.

* Create a carrier for Egg Baby prior to receiving him/her. (10 Points) _________ See Carrier Guidelines for more information

* Decorate your Egg Baby(10 Points)_________
See Egg Baby Guidelines for more information

* Create a baby book for your Egg Baby(10 Points)_________ See Baby Book Guidelines for more information

* Being a Good Parent Cover(5 Points)_________

* Title Page(2 Points)_________

* Completed Birth Certificate(3 Points)_________

* Babysitting Log(3 Points)_________
Maximum of 3 hours of babysitting allowed

* Daily Egg Baby Checks (4 points per day)(16 Points)_________ Use attached form each day for baby check & day care drop off * Daily Egg Baby Drop Off & Pick-Up (4 points per day)(16 Points)_________

* 1 Page Journal Entry per day (20 points each)(80 Points)_________

* Daily Activity Sampler (20 Points)_________

* Reflection(20 Points)_________

TOTAL GRADE:_________

Creating an Egg Baby Carrier
You are to create a carrier for your egg baby. Make sure your carrier is well padded and easy to transport. It is your responsibility to bring the container and the padding in to school with you. You are being given plenty of time to come up with an item to hold and protect your egg baby. Your carrier will be checked at the beginning, end, and throughout the project for support and safety. If you have any concerns about your ability to obtain these items please speak with me privately before or after class. I do not expect you to purchase any items specifically for this project, think about items you can reuse!

Container ideas:
* A stuffed Kleenex/tissue box
* Part of a water bottle, cut off and padded
* A yogurt container (especially ones like Yoplait that are conical) with padding * Tupperware, Ziploc kitchen containers, or any other similar kitchen container, padded, of course

Padding ideas:
* Kleenex/tissues
* Washcloth
* Rag
* Cloth
* Packing peanuts
* Bubble wrap

***Before you receive your Egg Baby you will need to prepare for the baby’s arrival. You will decorate your carrier in class. Markers, glue, and fabric will be provided, if you would like to add anything else you may bring it in on your own. ***

***When traveling with the egg baby (such as going to and from school), take special precautions. Leave the egg baby in its case. It should not go in your locker, pocket or book bag! You wouldn’t put a real baby in those places!***

Egg Baby Guidelines:
The Egg Baby Shower will mark the first day of the project. Before leaving the classroom you must have the following completed: * You will be given 1 Egg Baby, with a custom “fingerprint” so it cannot be replaced if damaged. * You will roll the dice to find out if you will be given either a boy or a girl. * Give the baby a name and give it a face so that it develops a personality. Other items can be added like hair, clothes, bows, bonnets etc. Markers, yarn, fabric and other stick on decorations will be provided. If you would like to add anything in specific you may provide it on your own. Egg Baby Book

You will create a baby book to track your experience as an Egg Baby parent.

Include in your book:
* Being a Good Parent Cover (Decorate the cover using magazine pictures, internet pictures, drawings and etcetera describing what you think it means to be a good parent. * Title page including the parent name and class period. * Grading Sheet

* Birth Certificate (Include baby’s name, D.O.B, average weight and length) * Babysitting Log
* Daily Egg Baby Check Sheet (completed and in good condition you will not receive full credit if the Egg Baby is damaged unless you complete a “Consequence Paper.” * 1 page journal entry for each day of the project; Each day during egg checks you will be given a treat(good thing) and a tragedy(bad thing) that is likely to happen in the course of the day while being a parent. In your journal entry you will write a ½ page reaction to each of the items through the eyes of a teen parent. Your comments will relate to the effects, socially, financially, physically and emotionally. * Daily Activity Sampler: a record of ALL the tasks you might perform as a responsible parent.

This includes a feeding, changing, sleeping schedule along with ways you nurtured the baby (example: reading to your baby, walking your baby, singing your baby to sleep). You will be required to check in your infant often to ensure they’re in good condition. These need to be included in your baby book in chronological order. You only need to complete 1 of these for the entire project; it should be a sample of the “Day in the Life” of a parent caring for an infant. * Reflection: Write a 1-2 page reflection on your experience during this project. What did you learn from this project? Were your expectations accurate? How would you care for your baby next time?

***Please keep in mind that I have to be able to read your handwriting. Be sure you proofread your work for spelling and grammatical errors. Your responses should be in paragraph form.***

| Excellent 5| Average 4| Below Average 3| Poor 2-0|
Egg Baby ConditionX 4| Shell is intact, in great condition, demonstrates good care by parents. Egg is decorated, clothed and creative.| Shell is intact and in fair condition. Demonstrates good care by parents but lack of decoration, clothing and no creativity.| Shell demonstrates some cracks and poor condition. Shows little care, few decorations and no creativity.| Shell is cracked or in worse condition. Shows little effort to care for the egg baby and few to no decorations.| Egg Baby Activity SamplerX 420 Total Points| Includes all the components of day to day activities for infant care as discussed in class. Everything is complete, clear, concise, professional and well done. | Includes all the components of day to day activities for infant care as discussed in class. Everything is complete, clear, concise, professional and average.| Missing 3 or more components of day to day activities for infant care as discussed in class.

Some is complete, clear, concise, professional and below satisfactory.| Missing 4 or more components of day to day activities for infant care as discussed in class. Some to none is complete, clear, concise, professional and poorly completed.| Creativity/InformationX 5| Overall work is clear, concise, detailed, creative and relevant. Easy to understand and demonstrates a lot of effort was put into it. Information is clear, and answers the objectives. | Some components are missing. Overall work is clear, concise, detailed, creative and relevant. Easy to understand and demonstrates a lot of effort was put into it. Information is clear, and answers the objectives. Areas of information are satisfactory.| Some components are missing. Overall work is fairly clear, concise, detailed, creative and relevant. Easy to difficult to understand and demonstrates some effort was put into it. Information is clear, and answers the objectives. | Some components are complete but close to none. Overall work is clear, concise, detailed, creative and relevant. Easy to understand & demonstrates little effort was put into it. Information is clear to confusing, and answers some of the objectives. |

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