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Project Essays

Pearl project: The inspiration of the picture description

The image “Girl with a Pearl Earring” was created by talented Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer who lived and worked in the 17th century. This painting has an interesting legend and various titles. It was called “Girl in a turban,” “The young girl with a turban,” “Head of a young girl,” …

Community Service Project Ideas

Self-protection is really important for individuals living in a society because it enables us to safeguard ourselves from any harm. An individual should always be prepared to face all the situations and should learn to stay safe while making their contribution to the society. Therefore, I have decided to educate …

Leisure Markets - Research Project

1.1 Introduction This research project will examine the experiences of visually impaired football supporters. It will discuss the advantages, drawbacks and problems visually impaired people face when accessing football. It will include an appropriate literature review, a focus on visually impaired people, a methodological outline, a collation and presentation of …

Music Project: Who Are You

Of all the humorous and inspiring quotes I’ve ever read, this is the quotation that best represents how I have lived by for most of my life, and I believe more accurate words could not be spoken. Being true to myself and who I am as an individual is something …

Ratime Project

When: Ragtime music started in the late 1800’s . However, it did not become popular until the 1900’s. In fact, it was most popular from 1897 to 1918. Although after 1917, its popularity began to be replaced by Jazz, in early 1940s, Jazz musicians started to include some ragtime music …

Components in a Multimedia Project

First of all and what I think is the most important component is the film score. The film score is the soundtrack and theme music which is non diagectic (the character cannot here it, but the audience can), these are important so the film can be recognised instantly and also …

Database Analysis and Database Design Project - DVD Library For Moving Images

Moving Images operates a DVD library. The library has a large number of titles, each title having at least one copy. Each title falls into a specific category some of these are adventure, thriller, fantasy, action or education. (There are others) All titles are loan only to registered members of …

Data Handling Project

Planning I intend to investigate the relationship between the number of hours of TV watched per week by students and their KS2 maths results. I think the more TV a student watches the less successful they will be. Hence, I expect a negative correlation i.e. the two sets of data …

PostQuick Computing Project

Subjects Page Number 1. Design * Definition of Data requirements * User interface design * method of data entry * record structure,file organisation and processing * security and integrity of data * system design 2. Implementation(testing) * Hard copy to prove correct Working of system * Hard copy of solution …

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