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Cheating Essays

NASCAR Is Historically Known For Cheating

Penalties are handed out but no one seems to care. Many drivers continue to have no respect for the rules. In 2010, driver Clint Bowyer won the first race in the Chase for the Sprint Cup at New Hampshire. Afterward, his car was found to have not met official NASCAR …

Cheating in Schools is Rapidly Increasing

Cheating in this day and age, has become more common and somewhat of a daily occurrence. It’s easy for students to get so caught up in the short-term stress of college that they forget about the long-term consequences of their decisions. Cheating might seem like an ideal solution when a …

Who's Cheating on the Vinegar?

Vinegar is an ethanoic acid. A wholesaler supplies chip shops. Design an investigation which identifies which chip shops are watering down the vinegar. Background Theory All acids contain the element “hydrogen”. Water ionises the hydrogen to make it H+. To react all acids have to be ionised. Strong acids are …

The Cheating Culture

Record-breaking athletes, esteemed doctors, impressive valedictorians – where’s the connection? Most would see them as paradigms of winners in our contemporary society, the people who dominate their respective worlds–athletics, medicine, and academics. But do people expect a plot twist? Turns out your son’s hero that inspired him to join Little …

Cheating In Relationships

Some of the reasons why people cheat are entirely based on emotional needs. However, people are not always perfect in their actions. In many cases, the strength of the relationship does not prevent conflicts. Infidelity is the major cause of conflict in many relationships since it is about feeling emotionally …

How to Cheat on a Test

There is always a time where any student in this world who was in a party or a date and completely forgot about the test that made to squeeze out the brain juice of whoever dared to take that test, or when studying is not enough and an alternate lifesaver …

Honesty Is The Best Policy

Honesty Is The Best Policy The main message of his presentation was to teach the class the importance of Honesty. He pointed out that there are several different aspects of honesty. The common misconception is that honesty only involves not telling a lie. This is not the case as Brett …

Response to Colleen Wenke's "Too much pressure" about cheating in school

In Colleen Wenke’s essay, “Too Much Pressure,” Wenke argues that cheating is a rising problem in college and especially high school that must be solved. She cites statistics indicating that the frequency of cheating has increased over the past few generations and attributes the problem to high levels of pressure …

"Cheating is always wrong" and "There is an absolute reality"

These all are acceptable ways of “cheating” by giving yourself or another person an edge in a sporting event. This is cheating because by definition it is doing something for profit or betterment of you. By doing these things, it gives you an advantage over others in the world of …

Cheating Students

Tommy Raskin in Cheating Students (2013) asserts that our schools fail the humanistic vision of education. Tommy supports this assertion by reviewing the 2010 study conducted by Josephson Institute of Ethics that found 59 percent of high school students had cheated on a test in the past year, and over …

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