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Ethnography About Culture of The Trobriand Islands

There are many cultures in the world, and many aspects that make up a culture like norms, symbols, and languages. Cultures may be as broad as the American culture or East Asian culture, and as specific as while other cultures are less heard of, like The Trobriand Islands are a …

About Ethnographic Research, The Attempt of Man to Understand His Own Culture

Anthropology is the study of man, by man. A subfield of this is ethnography, the attempt of man to understand his own culture by understanding the culture of another (Inskeep). This paper will explore the process of an ethnographic project. The first step in ethnography, as in every scientific project, …

Relationship Between Depression And Anxiety in IBS

Another issue that is commonly run into in this topic is the common connection between depression and anxiety with IBS. Benton et al. (2006) combatted this problem by having their participants record the frequency of bowel movements, and there was no significant change in bowel movements, which takes out a …

Canadian Colleges for International Students

Thanks to advanced technology, commuting between countries has become much easier. In previous periods, of course, the number of people who went abroad for education or living was crowded, but we cannot say that it is as crowded as today. Due to the limited opportunities and less demand, it was …

Problems Chinese Students Face Abroad

More and more young people are studying abroad now. Studying abroad has a great influence on young people, especially in life, study and culture. According to the survey, the number of Chinese students studying abroad exceeded 500,000 for the first time in 2015. China is the world’s largest source of …

Juliet Character Study

When we first hear of Juliet, it is Paris trying to get her father’s consent for them to marry. Her father is trying to stall Paris, he tells Paris ‘My child is yet a stranger to the world’. Capulet is referring to Juliet as though she very young and too …

Personal Study on artist Mark Demsteader

Hi, My name is Alice Russell and I am currently studying for my Art and Design A-Level at KEVI, Morpeth. We have been given the task of writing a personal study on an artist. As I was enthralled by Mark Demsteader’s work; his use of tone, light and texture; I …

Most spectacular studying about IV episode of Star Wars

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… These words are the most recognizable for people of all ages. Our parents, in 1977, were waiting for the premiere of the Star Wars episode with a huge desire. Even now this film didn’t lose its popularity and value in …

A FIlm Study on Cry Freedom

A significant movement was the Black Consciousness movement. This movement was all about being proud of your heritage and not thinking that you are inferior to the white man. During this time, police brutality towards blacks was quite common. In the first scene, we can see the police storming the …

Essay on the importance of comparison and contrast in studying art

A newer understanding of art can only resurface when you two masterpieces are put side by side to each other. The two basic concepts in art and its synthesis are comparison and contrast. And in order to do this, the writer first needs to understand the artists and do research …

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