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Interpretation Essays

The Scream: A Description and Interpretation

Norwegian artist Edvard Munch painted The Scream in 1893. It was during the time of the Industrial Revolution, when Western Europe was experiencing great social change in its urbanisation and industrialisation. Throughout the nineteenth century, Norway had become a highly religious country with the Protestant ‘awakening’ and was oppressive in …

Ronald Dworkin and his interpretation of natural law and positivism

Thomas Aquinas in Summa Theologica1 explains his view of natural law as being universal in nature as it emanates from rationale held by us as human beings; therefore we all share this reasoning. Aquinas defines positive law as being determined by natural law for the common good. It is binding …

Interpretation of the poem “Bereft”

This analysis includes Lexical level, Grammatical level, and Schemes and Tropes. “Bereft” is one of the famous poems of Robert Frost who was an American poet. It is often interpreted as a poem talking about the isolation and forlornness of the poet. The years of his youth are long gone. …

"Evacuation Was a Success" Do You Agree With This Interpretation?

Based on the evidence and my own knowledge it can be argued the evacuation was a calculated success. Many children’s lives were saved from the horrific images the constant fright and the experience of death round them. However, the emotional pain of leaving their family for years leaving their comfort …

Different interpretations of Dunkirk

There are different interpretations of what happened in May 1940 on the cost of Dunkirk. Was it a major disaster or a great triumph? The different interpretations are split between people from different places and from different eras. People who were writers or reporters or any one trying to abide …

Interpretation of Rizals Poem

Unfold, oh timid flower! Lift up your radiant brow, This day, Youth of my native strand! Your abounding talents show Resplendently and grand, Fair hope of my Motherland! Soar high, oh genius great, And with noble thoughts fill their mind; The honor’s glorious seat, May their virgin mind fly and …

Tafsir: The Key to Qur’an Interpretation

Introduction             There was no other field of Islamic scholarship that received the amount of the attention, as that of the exegesis of the Qur’an. This genre had undergone significant evolution since it had begun. Branches of Islamic sciences such as theology and philosophy experienced a decline in its level …

Temple: Interpretations

“Is it possible to be friends with an Englishman?” though Aziz enters into such a topic jocularly, E.M.Forster feels that it is not possible if the English remain insensitive, unfeeling, proud and autocratic towards the Indians. But in case of Fielding and Aziz it is not at all applicable. Aziz …

The Waste Land and Interpretations and Representations of the Modern World

”The finest tact after all can give us only an interpretation, and every  interpretation, along perhaps with some utterly contradictory  interpretation, has to be taken up and reinterpreted by every  thinking mind and by every civilization.” — T. S. Eliot, Knowledge and Experience in the Philosophy of F. H. Bradley …

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