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E-Learning Essays

Instructor Led vs e-Learning

The wide spread of computer-assisted learning methods has led to the assumption that quite soon live instruction may be completely replaced by electronic media. This notion draws on parallels with other professional pursuits where the advent of technology changed the labor patterns dramatically, turning humans into supervisors of processes rather …

The Effectiveness of E-learning in a Nursing Training Program: A Research Proposal

Introduction E-learning has been an important training and devel­opment tool over the last 5 years. More organizations are combin­ing it with classroom instruction to specialize content to meet the individual needs of students. Clinical simula­tions, virtual reality applications, and multimedia course work are becoming components of the mix. But education …

Online Learning

In the age of technology, many approaches have been changed. Learning process has been shifted from the traditional way to a new perspective of learning that uses the internet technology. This type of learning helps students to choose their courses without pressure of time and location. E-learning gives students the …

Read Only Participants

More than ever, online classes are becoming a viable approach and solution for students pursuing undergraduate and secondary degrees. However, the accessibility to these classes does not guarantee all online students are receiving a quality education. Recent studies have shown that as online course enrollment increases, issues with assignment completion, …

Reasons for Taking Online Classes

Since the creation of the internet, every aspect of our lives has been changed in both developmental and deteriorated ways. The internet changed how we work, how we entertain ourselves and, of course, how we process information and learn. Students get educated in different ways; like through hybrid and traditional …

The Role Of The Internet In Education

Introduction In today’s world, the Internet is one of the most powerful tools that will be used in the more than 50% of global population. Hence the Internet has now become a major part of daily life in today’s society. It is uses every fields of life like communication, knowledge, …

How teachers can use e-learning in the classroom

Introduction Generally, educational activities consist of teaching and learning processes. Teachers disseminate knowledge towards learners through teaching processes, while learners acquire knowledge through learning processes. Therefore, we are successful in teaching if and only if our partners (students, colleagues, etc.) obtain successes in learning (Prodan, 1996). These assertions are true …

Article Summary

Summary of Read-only participants a case for student communication in online classes By Shakera Bennett Grand Canyon University UNV 501-Intro to Graduate Studies in the College of Education September 12, 2012 Carrie ODonnell, Instructor Learning communities are no longer limited to the classroom. Online classes are becoming more prevalent in …

Computer Aided Instruction

his research study cited books, articles and laws were obtained through different books, magazines, journals and internet, which are relevant to the present investigation. It is composed of related literature and studies, both local and foreign, which contain facts and information on the research problem at hand. It also provides …

Plagiarism and Online Education

Plagiarism by college students is a serious problem in Online Education. I was astonished by the many hundreds of websites and links. This essay discusses plagiarism from an online perspective, as well as a current student of online college. I will also be commenting on academic policies about plagiarism. What …

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