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How to Cheat on a Test

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There is always a time where any student in this world who was in a party or a date and completely forgot about the test that made to squeeze out the brain juice of whoever dared to take that test, or when studying is not enough and an alternate lifesaver is needed Cramming and parroting is not 100% guaranteed, but cheating is, if it is done correctly. Cheating is not all bad. According to the poll conducted by Fordham University noted a significant gap between the GPAs of cheating students and their honest counterparts. Cheaters, on average, boast a 3.41 average while the non-cheaters average at 2.85. There was also a poll conducted where it was revealed that out of 30,000 college students, 60.8% confessed that they cheated, uncaught and had satisfying grade.

First of all, there should be no sign suspicion on the cheater’s face; otherwise the doors of pouring information will be shut down by the beady eagle eyed teachers, but at the same time, don’t get greedy. If the average grade is B, then get some questions wrong on purpose, to be unsuspected and safe in the radar. Second, decide which ‘type of cheating is going to be appropriate, like- Cheat-Sheet, Partner-Cheating or the Hard-To-Prove cheating methods.

If the Cheat- Sheet method is most beneficial, then start by gathering the information which may include formulas, keywords, dates, vocabulary, names, definitions, etc. Make sure that the writing is clear to read, because no one wants to squint and focus on reading cheat-sheet, while the teacher is behind, observing the master plan, and tapping his/her foot, looking crossed, or evil. There are several sneaky ways to Cheat-Sheet. Instead of printing out the words, try writing it on a part of the body. Good places can include forearm for boys wearing long-sleeved shirt, or the upper thigh for skirt-wearing girls. For Mathematics tests, slide formulas or information terms between the back of the calculator and the calculator cover.

If cheating with partner is relevant, especially for short answer questions, the seating arrangement should be cleverly done. Sit to the furthest left or right facing diagonally towards his or her desk. Never choose a person who is bad the subject or someone not trustable. If it is a multi-choice question, create a sign language with the partner. For example- scratching the back of the head can mean it is the wrong answer or foot tapping signals for A, B, C, D, and E.

Hard-To-Prove cheating is the hardest way to cheat, but if the goddess of luck is somewhere around, then there should no problem. The most common way to cheat, before a test is to find an “Instructor’s Edition” of the textbook, since some of the teachers give the test right out of their textbook. Try getting an Advances/Old Copy of the test by asking to an old student or someone with senior connections, so that pattern or the theme of the test is predictable. There is also a ‘Comeback Later’ method, where on purposefully exam is not finished and make sure to memorize the questions before finishing the test later.4 95% of cheaters don’t get caught. A study conducted by Ad Council and ETS confirmed, many of the suspicions that college students held about getting caught for their crimes. There is still a chance where cheaters can get caught, which should be prevented. If study time vanished in the air, or there is not much confidence, then Cheat Sheet, Partner and Hard-To-Prove cheating tactics can be performed.

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