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Edward Scissorhands Film

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Edward Scissorhand, is a comedy, romance, sci-fi, which revolves around a love story between Kim, a messed up teenager, and Edward, a freakish mixture of childlike humanity and shear destructiveness, doomed never to grow up or share a home with other creatures. The film is an odd mixture, and at some points may become confusing. It is partly a gothic fairytale with the castle on the hill, but mainly it is a story of a normal community and how it is challenged by an outsider, and how difficult it is to fit in if you’re different.

The stories behind the film, are “Beauty and the beast” where a young girl learns to fall in love with something that she finds unpleasant at the beginning, and “Frankenstein” which shows the element of fantasy in the film. An inventor makes a man and decides to give him a heart, his idea was triggered by a biscuit cut into the shape of a heart by the strangely humanlike robots created by the imaginative inventor that lived on his own for so long.

The timings in the film are weird, it begins with a little girl and her grandmother in the past, telling the viewers a story in the present.

I think that the costumes in the film were carefully thought out to match the character’s personality. Edward wore dark and weird clothing, this showed that he was sad and lonely. All of the other main characters wore very bright clothing, to suggest that they were happy and cheerful.

Music played a big part in the film, it was mainly sad or eerie, especially when Edward is sad, or in many of his flashbacks. The music is cheerful and happy when Edward feels that he is fitting in to his new home, or when he does something good. I think that the type of music played, depends on what Edward is feeling.

The use of colour in the film, was very imaginative. Bright colours were used for the village, and the sun always seemed to be shining, this was to show that it was a happy community. The dull, dark castle, stood to the back of the village which belonged to the inventor. The dark, gloomy colours used for this suggest the loneliness and unhappiness in the castle.

Tim Burton tries to tell his story, by immediately establishing an atmosphere of enchantment, and keeps the film in this magical state until it is near to the end of the film.

Burton has tried to make each character individual and stand out in their own way, like Peggy, the soul of matronly generosity as the “Avon” lady, and the semi-mad creative inventor. I think that Burton tries to create his own world with it’s own rules.

I can tell from the other films directed by Burton, that he likes to tell gothic, strange, weird and offbeat stories. His other films include “Sleepy Hollow”, “Beetlejuice”, “Frankenweenie”, “Pee-wee’s Big Adventure” and the “Batman” films.

I think that Edward Scissorhands is a fairy-tale with the roles reversed. Kim is the “prince” come to rescue the cursed and tortured Edward. Although Edward has an irresistible charm, he wasn’t quite perfect; the inventor’s sudden death left him unfinished, with sharp shears of metal for hands. The idea behind this is to suggest that he is special and unique because of the way he his, but also lonely and unwanted for the same reason. The other characters react to them in their own individual way. Peggy helps him straight away and doesn’t question him, maybe this is because she feels sorry for him, but she just accepts him for what he is. Jim is horrible to him from the beginning, and I could tell that he didn’t want Edward anywhere near the village.

I enjoyed the film, I thought it was different and interesting. On one level I think that Edward Scissorhands can be read as a paranoid teen fantasy, about a misfit who is incapable of finding his place in the adult world, but Burton’s direction raises it to another level, that of an enchanted fairy-tale told by a woman who remembers the hero, not as a tragic figure, but as a lost boy who eventually found his own reason for being. I especially liked the silent comedy pieces in the film, like when he tried to pick up a pea, and the part where he popped the water bed.

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