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VARK analysis

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VARK Analysis Paper

2 There are different methods used to determine an individuals learning style. Fleming VARK model is the most commonly used one. This model focuses on the best way for a students to learn new things and retaining them. VARK questionnaire contains different learning styles of people’s preference. It helps an individual identify his/her learning style so that they can learn more effectively . When a person learn through their preferred learning style it will be much easier for them to memorize and retain those information. VARK stands for; Visual, Aural, Reading/writing, and Kinesthetic learners. According to the VARK score, each individual is given a particular learning strategy. There are five learning strategies in VARK, multimodal, in which a person learn through all 4 strategies of VARK, visual, aural, read-write and kinesthetic.

According to my VARK score I’m a multimodal learner. A multimodal learner falls in the majority, 60% of any population are in this category. My scores are Visual -10, Aural 9, Read or write 8,

Kinesthetic 8. These type of learners have the flexibility of changing from mode to mode or using all of them in combination according to the situations. My strongest point of learning is visual and aural. I memorize almost everything I learn from an audio visual aid.. Back in my school days I learnt more from listening to the teacher and taking notes in the class, and from reading the books. I loved the teachers who used charts and graphs to demonstrate a topic. Back then technology hadn’t advanced that much, and reading and writing was my strongest points of learning. I must say technology has influenced my learning style. Now on the internet you could get the materials you prefer and which support your learning style. Now I prefer listening to an online lecture than reading a book. Visuals might not be available in all the cases, then I prefer reading a book or an ebook from the internet. As VARK model predicts, I am a multimodal learner, but I’m more of a visual and aural learner.

I personally prefer learning from videos(visual).lectures and reading. Now the CE’s and all other seminars in the hospitals are based on multimodal learning strategies. The aural mode means the information are being told or hear. According to me visual and aural learning can save time and it helps people understand and memorize better. When I’m in a class I take notes as much as possible and try to read it the same day again so that I remember the content. I like to go over lecture notes with my class mates. I 3 try to reprocess the lecture notes in to my own words so that explaining it to another person or to a group will be easier for me, by doing this I remember each and every points discussed in the class. When I have to learn any procedure, over all the other styles I prefer kinesthetic style as it is hands on and partially visual. In comparison of my preferred learning strategies and VARK identified strategies for myself are almost the same. The thing in common about these different learning strategies are they make sure that the subjects are well explained. By using VARK learning style an individual can make his learning easier by breaking down a challenging subject into parts.

For example, if a student’s strongest learning styles are aural, reading and writing, they can read out the lecture notes loudly so that they can identify the doubts existed in particular part and can seek clarification through discussion. Visual learners prefer use of descriptive language about the topic and gestures from the instructor. They learn more through seeing ,pictures, posters, graphs and flow charts, that helps them retain more information. As stated in VARK, I believe I’ve been using the same styles to learn effectively and absorb information. Planning and managing time is the key to being effective and successful in studies. Creating a time schedule for each day of the week could help me better understand how to manage my time. I need to focus more on the here and now than yesterday . Instead of regretting about what I didn’t do, I should concentrate on what I can achieve today and plan for tomorrow. In conclusion VARK promotes the idea that every individual learn differently, adjusting their learning styles could help them be more effective in their studies and that would reflect in their grades. The VARK questionnaire determines the learning style preferences of each individual. Identifying an individuals preferred learning approach will help both the student and teacher. This would help the instructor understand the students better and adopt the best way to teach.



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