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Union Is Strength

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Man being the most superior creature of God has been assinged with immense talent but despite all his capabilities he needs to live in a society among other people with whom he is attached in different ways. He has in his nature an instinct to form relations with others and work with them.For the same purpose he needs to ive in certian groups and societies and has to interact with others for not only emotional needs but for his survival and safety.Individual as looked in relation to this vaste universe is not only weak and lonely but is unable to fight all the odds against him.The same weak individual when is combined with his other mates and fellows form such unit of power that is often indomitable.

The single frop of water that is worthless and unimportant when loses its identity by immersing itself into the vast ocean accure a new identity which it shares with many other drops and become a part of strength and power of ocean.The same is the case with humanity.An individual when combine his effort with many others achieve a certian kind of identity and strength that is beyond the capacity of a single man. The old story that we find in the story books of children of a farmer using the bundle of sticks for inculcating the lesson of unity among his sons may seem old and childish but it has so much depth in itself if we ponder over it.And it is especially relevant to this present age when mankind has reached on a verge of destruction because of the various divisions that they have created among themselves.

Its a fact that human being tend to gather into different levels and achieve their identity by identifying themselves with certian groups and nations.It is also a very important need of an individual. They form different units from family to groups then societies and countries.Divisions in these sectors is not new phenomenon but has always been there throughout human history as human beings have the instict of protecting and following their personal intrests and donot hesitate to fight others for the same purpose.However that is all the part of game and will remain so as long as there is life.But at the same time Man has such objectives that can only be achieved by his combining his efforts with those of others. These objectives are unattainable unless and untill he join with others thus forming a unit which can be properly moilize to achieve the same objectives.Unity,if we take a look around was never so badly needed as it is today.

Today world is divided on different levels.Even at the most primal unit of society we see the lack of unity even among family members.The families do not seem to be as united as they used to be in the past.Societies are disintegrating from within and are divided in different classes.At this age of machine and technology everyone is busy in the pursuit of his personal gains.The countries are divided for their different economic and financial objectives.Not even relegions in themselves are united.Here we see different sorts of divisions and conflicts based on different sects.Almost all relegions have thier furthur sects which not only divide its followers but are creating differences that aggravate the situation to the point of bloodshed. Such differences have become the cause of much damage to the world peace.And the remedy lies only in the unity in all planes.Together human beings can fight a victorious battle against all the vices and disintegrations that are growing day by day.

The strength of unity is immense and is also time tested. History has proved this fact that whenever people gather,ruled by the same passion and spirit,no power was being able to stand before them. Dictators, forces, oppression, rulers all had to bend before this power of masses. All revolutions in t he history have been made possible by this power of unity.Its only when people decide to not to be exploited by dominating powers and combine thier efforts,the great powers of the world had to kneel before them.Each new positive change demand a united effort and passion.We have the examples of different revolutions when people revolted against authority and oppression. The most conspicuos example of this is French Revolution of 1789.Here we see that such unprovided people who were ruled with an iron hand and were exploited by the class of clery and Nobles.But when these straving people decided once to overthrow the areistocracya nd collect together to fight against oppression and exploitation tehn they made the miracles possible.Frech Revolution is an excellent example of the latent power of masses.It was like a dormant volcano but when it became active it burns everything with its lava that come in its way.

Another very fine example of this strength of unity lies not far but is the formation of our own country pakistan on the map of the world.After being ruthlessly crushed by the Hindus and British when Muslims combine their efforts for teh attainment of their own separate homeland where they can promote their relegious and cultural valus.And the result was marvellous in the shape of Pakistan.So we see that no amount of power can withstand the collective effort of masses when they are bent upon to achieve something. Unfortunately people usully exhibits this kind of unity scracely and in very extreme conditions.If all the nations and societies can only recognize the benefits of unity and fight with all odds against them unitedly only then they can get rid of their most of problems.World is on a strange edge today.

Mankinds are faced with a number of challenges The most of them are poverty, illiteracy, disease and above all natural clamities. Anod most of all we are faced with a new problem namely Terrorism whcih has assumed a horrible stature.These problems cannot be solved without a collective will and collective efforts.Proliferation of nuclear weapons has aggravated the situation to a grand scale.Every country is faced with the problems of poverty and illiteracy and in many third world countries the human situation is deplorable.Developed countries are too much busy in their own concerns of security and wold domination.The harmony between cultures and relegions can hardly be seen and ther is a talk of “Clash Of Civilizations”. in western world. Infact the world is divided in different sectors.Each nation is busy either in ensuring her own survival or a war of objectives so the result is that rich are becoming richer and the condition of poors is degenerating day by day.

Such a situation is hardly conducive to the peace and prosperity of world.The trend in International Politics has tend to take a very serious form where all western forces are joined together against muslims calling them as terrorists and a threat to the peace of world.The disintegration and conflict in Muslim world hampers the way to a collective effort or strategy for muslims to face the situation.The fact is that muslims are themselves divided as they have forget the true teaching of Islam that asks them to resolve their conflicts and unite against all enemies.

Unity as seen from Islamic percpective is the most desired quality in a society or nation.Islam being the relegion of peace,love and brotherhood asks its followers to unite with each other. Holy Prophet(PBUH) came in a society of Arabs when it was divided on different bases like groups,tribes and races.He professed such values of brotherhood and equality that made them an integrated society where people were linked with each other in a mutul relation of love and respect. There are many verses in Holy Quran where muslims are being asked to be united and cultivate no differences in themselves.The importance of unity is emphasized very much for as long as they are united no power can overcome them. Islam presents the picture of a very united Islamic society where all muslims are closely related to each other.The perfect example of this integrated society can be seen as set up in Madina by Holy Prophet(PBUH).Here Holy Prophet Himself joined muslims as borthers and no better example of such unity is seen in history.And as long as muslims remember this golden rule they were above the world and no power was able to dominate them. But when they forget this source of their power and indulge themselves in different conflict then their downfall began.And time has proved this fact.

Today muslims are divided in different sects,territories and classes.And most dangreous division is of course the sectarian one.Sectarian violence has done much damage to the muslim societies internally as well as externaly.Internally it results in the bloodshed of muslims by muslims,economic backwardness , and extremism that has made the internal conditions of islamic countries worst.Externally it has tarnished the overall muslims of the world and has also given the opportunity to the opponent forces of the Islam to raise fingers at it.Muslims are busy in fighting with each others and killing the other muslims(though of different sect) in the very name of Islam.Sectarian violence is not only the problem of Pakistan but other muslim countries are also suffering from it.

The fight in Iraq may be agaist the common enemy United States, but ithe attacks on Mosques and Holy Shrine have become very frequent. Sunnis Shias and Kurds all are fighting against each other instead of concentrating their efforts against United states.Such a state of affairs has damaged the muslim image on the whole.Muslims who once were indomitable are now persecuted in differnt parts of the world like Palistine,Kashmire,Iraq and Afghanistan.The security of many others like Syria,Iran and Lebonan is also in danger.

The policy of divide and rule is not new to the western powers.Through these tactics they were being able to rule on thier colonial territories for long and through this same old tactic they are these days trying to rule over muslims. Muslims are divided and then ruled.The action and reaction of muslim countries over teh issues of Afghanistan and Iraq are so diverse,some are agaisnt it ,some are part of the so called alliance,some have resorted to indifference.This division in our own ranks is encouraging to other forces.Even within a single country the ideas and views of common people are not uniform.They re divided among modren,liberal,conservatives and fanatics.Some are condemning the ac some are taking the side of goverments and more are indifferent to he issues other than thier own personal advantage and benefit.The current situation is quiet favourable to the opponents who are united in their actions against muslims.It is the need of hour that muslim should pay attention to their circumstancesand analyze them right from the begining,calculate their mistakes and finally devise a new strategy based on unity.The reason for these divisions are very diverse.

Materialism has plagued the world to a great extent.People are running after their self intrest and objectives.Te same is the case on a broader level.Muslim countries are divided according to their own benefits and socio-economic needs.They are caught in the web of their own financial and economic conditions that restric thier free choice as well as judgment.Those muslim countries that are rich like Arab countries are not strong enough to take any action but are under the western influence despite all their wealth.And many poor muslim countries are dependent on these western countries for thier finnacial and economic assistence that they annually recieve from them.

Sectarian differences are another cause of this division and it also involve the wrong perception of Islam.Some false Ulema has done damage to Islam because f their ignorance and lack of knowledge.They inculcate thewrong and extremeviews against other sect in the minds of innocent people.Even some believe that by killing the follower of other sect would lead them straight to the heaven.Such believes are highly unislamic and are against the teaching of Islam where to kill an innocent person is equal to the killing of whole humanity.Poverty,ignorance,extremism and fanaticisma are underming the very bases of our owns societies.

Now the question arise that how can this situation be improved and how muslims can be saved from this degenated condition.The solution lies within their own hands and it can be summed up in a simple word which would be “Unity”.Union of muslims in all levels and fields is needed.Muslim need to be united in their respective countries,in their societies and on an upper level Muslim countries should be united in facing the forces against Islam,in facing their problems in a country.

Muslim countries are endowed by God with all kinds of resources.We have countries rich in Oil and Gas like Arab countries,Iran and Iraq,big economic markets like Turkey,Egypt and Atomic power like Pakistan.Only if these countries pool their resources together and rely on each other their dependence on western forces can be easliy done away with.Rich muslim countries should help their underdevelop and developing muslim countries in different field so that they can make their condition better.A large number of muslims are working in western countries.Their technical assistance can be utilized in muslim countries to enhance their economic as well as technical situation.

To promote the true teaching of Islam is very important.Muslim goverment should ensure the providence of the true Islamic teaching .Our educational syllabus must inculcate the values that islam stressed in the young minds.All sects should unite in defending Islam and respect each others.

OIC is a very imortant organization as it is the only plateform to unite muslims so far.It must be made more potent so that it can decide the future line of action for muslim countries.It should ensure the coperation between muslim countries and also provide monetery as well as technical assistence to those who need it.So in this way muslim shuold plan their future where their relations with each other is based on unity and brotherhood only in that case we can have some sort of positive future of them in this world.

So unity is the only resort for muslim in this time of need. But it is not only the muslims that need the unity but on the whole all humanity need to be united against all the forces that have made life difficult on this planet. Nuclear weapons held the danger for the whole humanity these days. They have made the future of mankind on this planet doubtful and for meeting this danger manking need to be united with each other.But there are other threats to humanity as growing rate of poverty,unemployment and corruption within countries as well as withing the relations of countries themselves.Now these issue demands more attention than the so called superficial conflicts and differences for above all man was created to alleviate the suffering of others like him.

Differences based on race,sex,relegions and languages need to be resolve for we claim to be more modrenized and civilized than the previous generations.Man has reached on the unlimited space and planets but still at home he is backward enough as he is still tangled in prejudices against others.The interfaith harmony is the need of hour for if this situation between nations and relegions continuesit will surely lead to a mutual destruction and above all human existence on this planet can be in danger.for it is rightly said that “together we stand and parted we fall”.

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