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The Problem and Its Background

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Chapter 1

The Problem and Its Background


In this era of humanity as technology is mostly taking over our lives. In cooking, buying and also learning. The researcher saw how technology was fast changing the way we live for the better of humanity. And now they use it for studying they use this thing called E-books and use PowerPoint presentation. The researcher himself experienced these kinds of studying and from what he experienced the use of technology really does help cause instead of carrying a lot of books we just carry a tablet which contains all the books and lessons we need to study our lessons. Plus I think it helps a lot of students how to be tech smart it’s like preparing them for the future. The researcher also thinks that it’s also a good way for us to start saving trees so that we wouldn’t waste trees on making paper so that we don’t harm nature.
The researcher chose this topic because researcher as a student is now experiencing this kind of situation and would like to know how effective technology is in teaching us about our lessons and topics in school. But I do think sometimes this technology stuff can be hacked therefore cheating the results of the exercises. But I do think as time flies by these glitches, hacks and many more would be clear and it will work more efficiently a too help us learn more about our studies.

Conceptual Framework
350520015875Figure 2
Student’s knowledge and learning
00Figure 2
Student’s knowledge and learning
-15240015875Figure 1
Utilization of Technology in enhancing in learning in k-12 classrooms
00Figure 1
Utilization of Technology in enhancing in learning in k-12 classrooms

Fig 1: Research Paradigm
Figure 1. Shows the use of technology in terms of learning in the k-12 program
Figure 2. Shows the variable in which fig 1 is trying to be used to improve it

Statement of the Problem

This study aims to identify the utilization of educational technology in enhancing core subject learning in K-12 classrooms.
Specifically, this study aims to answer the following:
What are the educational technologies employed by the respondents in the delivery of core subject instruction?
What are the effects of using educational technology in the delivery of the respondents in teaching core subjects?
What may instructional material enrich the teaching and learning of core subjects in high school?

The hypothesis of the Study

The researcher thinks that Technology makes us do things faster but in terms of learning. It’s more how students learn and the way they are used to learn. But knowing kids this era that is always using their gadgets.

Scope and Limitation

This study is about the use of technology in learning in K-12 and if it really does help and give better learning and education to give students the higher thinking. Thus improving the student’s ability to think and learn more skills while he or she is in school.

The significance of the Study

This research paper would benefit the following groups:
Students. This study will help them because the researchers focus on if technology helps in learning ink-12
K-12. The
Future Researchers. This research might help them find out more about more if the technology does improve the learning in school
Schools. This research may help if successful help to make sure if the technology does help in learning in school.

Definition of Terms

The following terms are operationally defined in this study:
Technology – a thing we usually use especially nowadays
Students – People who learn and study today with the use of technology
Teachers – the person who teaches the students with the use of technology
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