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The Different Forms Of Reciprocity In My Daily Life

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Generalized reciprocity

         Generalized reciprocity can occur when somebody is sharing something without expecting a return. This kind of reciprocity always happens to me because of my parents. From the time I was born until today, they give my allowance every week, provide my financial obligations in the university and provide all without expecting anything in return from me. In consequence, we built social closeness and create maximum trust within our relationship. In other forms of relationship, I experienced sharing without expecting anything in return is when I fall in love with my fellow student in the university. Even though she left the university after she graduated and found a job far from the university, I still remember her every time I’m lonely and always write a letter conveying my love. Perhaps, generalized reciprocity is an instinct to us showing kindness / care for other people.

Balanced reciprocity

         Balanced reciprocity can occur when someone gives / shares something to someone, expecting a return in undefined future. In a society that we live in, sharing gifts during birthdays, fiestas, and Christmas are always present. Normally, my best friend treats me on my birthday, my neighbors give me freebies on fiesta, and my relatives give me gift during Christmas. Although gifts / freebies are shared without waiting for something in exchange of, my neighbors, relatives and best friend look forward for favors. They usually assume a return without exclaim. I recall my self when I had a best friend. He always does me a favor but in the early future he wanted (indirectly obliged) me to repay all the favor he was given on me. I constantly keep in mind of that experienced and anxious today if I will find another buddy.          

Negative reciprocity

         Negative reciprocity happens when a person gives and immediately expects a return. Negative reciprocity follows a barter system, a system of exchanging goods without involving social closeness and trust between individuals. All of us I think experienced negative reciprocity whenever we buy goods (dry) at the department store, wet goods in the wet market and / rent a computer on a computer shop. I first recognize this sort of experienced when I was 5 years old. I was buying a meat and some ingredients (pepper, salt, sugar, etc.) in our neighbor. The vendor didn’t create social interaction, just plain selling goods to customers.


Firth, R. 1967. Themes in Economic Anthropology. London: Travistock.

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