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Home Essays

Diary of a Homeless Person

I arrived at Westminster, London around seven o’clock on Sunday evening as the sun set below the horizon and the lampposts lit the gloomy streets. I had been evicted from my cottage in Gillingham for refusing to pay my rent and had come to London seeking advice from my parents …

Home Visit

She dialled the number. Holding the phone to her ear, the hard plastic felt strange against her clammy skin. Three rings. Four… Maybe he wasn’t in on a Saturday. “Hello? Dr. Reed? This is Mrs Swan, Luke’s mother,” she said, so rapidly, that she couldn’t even understand herself. She paused …

Home Depot – case study

Founded in 1978 in Atlanta, Georgia, The Home Depot(r) is the world’s largest home improvement retailer. The Home Depot is committed to offering the ultimate home improvement shopping experience. With about 35,000 different products, trademark customer service and guaranteed low prices, Home Depot stores cater to do-it-yourselfers, as well as …

Home Baked Bread Sally Croft

The poem “Home-Baked Bread” is a play on words. The title sounds wholesome and gives the impression of a cozy environment with a homemade feel but as you read on it sounds like a woman that is weaving a web of sensual pleasures. Croft puts together a play on words …

Home Alone

As I stood by the door the cold bitter wind slapped me in the face as I watched the car pull away from the driveway. Leaves were swooping, sweeping and soaring in the wind and night sky shrouded the house in darkness as the car lights faded away in the …

Hometown and In Mrs Tilscher’s Class

Growing up is a process all of us, whether we like it or not, have to go through. Some would try their very best to hold on to every second of their childhood, whereas some would just pray for the arrival of adulthood. But no matter which type, they are …

Homeostatic Control of Blood Glucose Levels

Glucose is an essential substance in the body as it the primary source of energy for all biological functions and is indeed the only form of energy which can be used by the brain and central nervous system. The ideal level of blood glucose is 80 – 90mg of glucose …

The night I was alone at home

The day wasn’t ordinary… It was extraordinary. The weather was awful and windy as if I was by the sea-side. I couldn’t see the road ahead of me as it was extremely hazy as if there was a snowy blizzard in front of my eyes. With the weather this bad, …

A Home Is Not a House

[1]Reyner Banham has been one of the widely recognised and influential writers on architecture and design. Raised as an engineer Reyner had a unique vision towards the contemporary modernism in the architectural design. His uniqueness was the result of the combination of the academic’s rigour, the writer’s lightness of touch …

The kingdom of Etruria

The kingdom of Etruria was a happy and prosperous one, and it always had been full of joy. And why shouldn’t it be? The land was fertile, the earth was rich with minerals and the forests were lush. Consequently, there was a constant influx of trade in and out of …

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