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Friendship Essays

Deception of Grades and Success

I have always considered myself as a student who expected challenges as this has always been my source of encouragement and hard work since I use challenges as the stepping stone to steer me further in my studies. My expectation of assignments has always been excess and some students in …

My Best Saturdays Ever

Hey there! This is about my dream Saturday! If, I could have just one Saturday just to me to o whatever I wanted this is what I would do. First it would have to be with my best friend Esmerelda. It wouldn’t be the best without her! It would be …

A Man's Best Friend: How Dogs Got Domesticated

There are 525 million dogs in the world, and yet the majority of people are still unaware of where they originated from. Dogs can play many roles in our lives such as a guard dog, a service dog, a therapy dog and more importantly a companion. A general assumption that …

One Day of the Dog's Life

It was a nice sunny afternoon on a Sunday, right after church. My family was gone, but now they’re back and i’m happy. The small little girl tried to grab me and cuddle, but I didn’t like that I never do and most of the time I try to give …

Story About My Best Friend

A long-term interpersonal relationship that I have the relational goal to maintain is my best friend, Sabrina. According to the textbook, ‘interpersonal communication is a dynamic form of communication between two (or more) people in which the messages ex- changed signif- icantly influence their thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and relationships’ (McCornack …

My Way to Become more Responsible and Mature

We all know that we are blessed with a wonderful gift, which is life. It feels so wonderful to look back on your life. There are thousands of events in everyone’s life small and big, sad and happy. They make use a person that we are today. It is great …

Detective Story

The next week went by fast, filled with convoluted math and careful magic rationing. Sam and Mikayla had gone as far as to sit on opposite ends of the basement while they worked out a way to get 10,689 watts of power, because of how fed up they were with …

Letter to a my Friend

Letter to a Friend Dear Jackie, I am in the city of Memphis, Tennessee and am excited about going to see “A Fire That No Water Could Put Out” from Ernest Withers. This amazing photo was taken on March 28, 1968, and later printed in 1994. I am so excited …

The Theme of Personal Growth in Calling My Name

The book Calling My Name follows a girl named Taja who is dealing with growing up and going through middle and high school. In this book she is also dealing with religion, family, friends, enemies, first love, betrayal, hopes, and just handling the emotions of being a teenage girl. For …

My Best Friendship Memories

In your opinion, what makes a good friend? I think a good friend is loyal, trustworthy, honest, and kind. I also think that some friendships are bad. Still, most friendships are very good and healthy. One of my best friendships is like this or maybe even better, and I will …

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