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Different Life Experiences Of People

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Does everything happen for a reason or is it the meaning that we hold on to? People all over hold their own opinions and beliefs to themselves, you’re going to hear both sides, both stories from different individuals including myself. You will see the different life experiences from people who choose to share their beliefs, individuals who believe that failures are accomplishments and that they do teach you, and some people who just think they learned nothing from failures other than, that they themselves are not successful. Where do you stand? Are you someone who thinks that all failures in one’s life transform into greatness or do you think coming across a failure will only lead you to greater and more failures?

I myself have a strong belief that an obstacle or challenge that you face will find a way to strengthen you and teach you. On the other hand, some people believe that the choices you make determine where you will end up. I personally have experienced both in life. I have been telling myself throughout the past couple of years in my hardest times that everything does happen for a reason. Am I telling myself that everything happens for a reason just to justify that failures are okay and going through hard times is okay and it will get better or is it all made up.

I came to realize that everything around me happens for a reason a couple years ago when my boyfriend of a year who I thought would be spending what it seemed like the rest of my life with, came to an end. It was heartbreaking for me, I thought to myself that I wouldn’t be able to find anyone that I could connect with so easily ever again, so that took me down a dark path. Months passed, and a new door opened for me once that one closed. I met someone who when I talked to him nothing else mattered to me, only just what was in that moment, at that time. I was happy again, I dug myself out of that hole and found a new light in my life. From being in such a low place to being happy again made me realize that I can overcome anything, it made me notice more about myself at that time too. I learned that I am strong, that I can do anything I put my mind to, I can stay positive through all situations, and that I believe more in myself.

This whole experience for me wasn’t a failure and not even a waste of my time because I don’t regret it one bit. It taught me so much about myself, I learned a lot from him and he also even shaped me into the person I have become today. Each person that has walked into my life has helped shape me and each person served a purpose to make me grow in life, it made me stronger, and made me re-think a lot about my goals, and my purpose here on this earth. Once I began to realize that I have a strong belief in everything happening for a reason, it made me think about my past experiences and my future ones and what I learned from them and how I will continue to learn from them.

Another way how thinking that everything happens for a reason shaped me and helped me realize more about myself and how strong I am is my socioeconomic status, and how that made me grow more as a person. I have watched my parents struggle with money for as long as I could remember. Businesses have dried up for my parents and they struggle with giving us the proper schooling and proper necessities that we need to strive. I was entering college, entering into adulthood without the financial stability from my parents which in many ways, I came to expect. My situation was not unusual, many people come from financially unstable families but just don’t get to appreciate the value in which these tough lessons have taught you.

This situation made me think for myself, how I would make things happen for myself instead of me expecting my parents to help me out. Being prepared for anything is an important essential to have because unexpected things do and can happen to anyone. I came to a realization that you don’t need everything. A lot of things are materialistic, and you don’t need them, all the things that I place importance on don’t really mean anything. Focusing on what actually provides value to lives is way more important.

However, some people believe that it’s all about the choices you make, those are the things that determine where you end up in life. If everything happens for a reason why is it that the people in our life that we love the most pass way too soon from either tragic events or illnesses. If everything happens for a reason how can something so tragic be a good thing that you can learn from? My friend Hannah’s dad passed away in such a tragic event, he was taken away from her life at such a young age. She explained to me how everything doesn’t happen for a reason, why would her dad get taken away from her? To teach her a life lesson? Some things in life can’t be fixed at all, they can only be carried with you.

Hannah began to explain to me that things just happen, it’s as simple as that. Sometimes you will see bad stuff happen to a good person who shouldn’t deserve any of that, and then you see good things happen to awful people, that’s just the way it works. And yes, that is true, I strongly think and physically see that these things are happening to people everywhere. Other than illnesses or death and tragic events we do end up learning a great deal from any obstacle or challenges.

“Yes, I do believe everything happens for a reason and all of our choices rely on two paths of fate.”- anonymous. “Yes, I do because things are meant to be and happen for a reason.” – anonymous. Almost all except some believe in faith or destiny, that things happen for a certain reason. Whether it’s to learn or it is just something that’s supposed to be meaningful to that certain person, there is a reason for it. Everyone that took my survey learned at least something meaningful that stuck with them after they were overcome with a sense of defeat, so that goes to show you that people do learn something even if it’s just something so small. You cannot control much of what happens in life.

When a family was hit by a drunk driver and passed away tragically in a car accident, or when my house lit up on fire and almost burned to the ground, and even that test someone failed that he/she needed to pass in order to keep that scholarship. There is no way that we have the ability to make this world picture perfect and have everything good happen to everyone. Things happen, and there are reasons behind their happenings, and we find ourselves in those moments speechless, and we say to ourselves or others suffering, the words “Everything happens for a reason,” thinking that god is behind all of these events. What does that say about god? Why is he making us suffer when he should be the one protecting all of us? We have to realize that the truth is we do live in a broken-down world, a world where terrible things do happen to everyone. We all have purpose and there is reason to tragedy we just have to dig deeper to find it.

The choices you have after your challenge or obstacle is completely in your control. You can block your emotions but that will only harm you or you can take your emotions and be honest with yourself and ask yourself what you can do within to become better, try to find the good in things and see if you can find anything meaningful within. Today I see the world through a different lens, everything is brighter, and I actually take my time with everything and cease to take a look at the world and let it all in. So, before you start to dig yourself down a hole when something terrible has happened think to yourself, how can this experience that I am faced with right now shape me and make me a better person.

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