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Vietnamese Essays

Matching in English and Their Vietnamese Translational Equivalents

This thesis is available for the purpose of reference at: – Library of College of Foreign Languages, University of Danang. – The Information Resources Center, University of Danang. Danang, 2011 3 CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM Nowadays, English is considered as an important means of communication all …

Vietnamese Buddhist Teachers

Introduction      Vietnam has been dubbed as the next tiger to wake up in terms of economics. For, Vietnam has moved from its pure communist ideology to a socialist based market economy. This is the economy that has catapulted Communist Mainland China to its present high pedestal in terms of …

The Different Between Vietnamese and American Culture

            I was born in Vietnam and came to the United States with my family because our parents wanted to seek out a better future in the country of dreams and promises. Adjusting to life in the United States was not easy for my parents because they want my siblings …

Vietnamese Culture

Killing the Inner Insect Festival in Vietnam Vietnam has a rich culture that has been shaped by many different civilizations throughout history. Through many long struggles, the Vietnamese people have created their unique culture. Thanks to these particularities, there are many national celebrations in Vietnam such as Vietnamese New Year, …

Cross-Cultural English and Vietnamese

I. Introduction: Nowadays, nature plays an importance role in maintaining human’s life and balancing ecosystem over the world. Both Vietnamese and British are aware of the importance of nature in their life. However, people of each country have different attitude towards nature. As a lover of nature, I find it …

Vietnamese Culture: Vietnamese Lunar New Year

Culture is the aspect I’m especially interested in. And I find it amazing to read a cultural book in bilingual. It helps me to improve not only my knowledge, but also my new English vocabularies. Recently I have been impressed greatly by “Frequently asked questions about Vietnamese culture: Vietnamese Lunar …

Vietnamese Culture and High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is one of the most serious health conditions worldwide. Often times, people have high blood pressure for months or even years without knowing it. Knowledge is very important when it comes to health. High blood pressure can lead to other lethal conditions such as, “coronary heart disease, …

Vietnamese War and the American Revolution

Freedom is something Americans strive to provide and maintain. It has become a necessary part of our culture and even now when people think of America, they automatically think of freedom and equality. The American Revolution and the Vietnam War were two products of this ideal. Both wars had similar …

Vietnamese and Australian Education

Australia and Vietnam are the two countries located on different continents. In fact, the educations of the two countries also have some similarities as well as differences. If someone wants to study abroad in Australia, he can make a comparison and contrast analysis before making the final decision that whether …

Culture Differences between Americans and Vietnamese

Why do people from different countries act differently? Some cultural differences are reflected by other cultures. Since I came to live in the United States, I have experienced a lot of differences in lifestyle, language, and celebration between Americans and Vietnamese people. Greeting and eating, the most experiences that I …

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