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Smoking and Crime

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1. Why people smoke?
– Relax when to be nervous.
– Like the taste.
– My friends smoke. It’s difficult to say “no” to a cigarrette when I’m with them. – It’s habit that difficult to stop.
2. fact –file
– about 100 million people around the world work in the tobacco industry. – Cigarette – smoking kills 2.5 millions people every year. Many of them die from lung cancer. Some aren’t even smokers. They’re people who live or work with heavy smokers. – $100 billion of cigarettes are sold every year/

3. Some businesses now say that no one can smoke cigarettes in any of their offices. Some governments have banned smoking in all public places. This is a good idea but it also takes away some of our freedom. Do you agree or disagree? Give reasons.

4. In some countries, people are no longer allowed to smoke in many public places and office buildings. Do you think this is a good rule or a bad rule? Use specific reasons and details to support your position. TOEFL Why should apply this rule?

– improve people’s health.
– Increase worker productivity: the worker would not stop their work all the time to smoke, fewer worker absences. – Reduce conflict: non – smokers tend to get annoyed and jealous because smokers have an excuse to take frequent breaks.

5. Should the same laws which prohibit the sale and consumption of heroin be applied to tobacco? 6. Smoking is a habit which claims many lives and is a great drain on health services. One way to combat smoking would be to make it illegal. What are the pros and cons of such a government policy? What alternative strategies can you suggest to combat smoking? (Understand two or more sides of an issue)

Section 2: Crime and violence

1) “Should criminals be punished with lengthy jail terms or re-educated and rehabilitated using, for instance, community service programmes, before being re-introduced to society.” -; Answer: Insight into Ielts – 186. – Long Term Jail Sentences

– Not as expensive as rehab
– Criminals don””””t deserve special funding and education – Deters future crime
– Satisfies the public
– Criminals are inherently bad – they will always re-offend – Rehab programmes ineffective – criminals re-offend
– Longer time before criminals get the chance to re-offend
– Rehabilitation
– Keeping prisoners is expensive anyway – longer jail term higher the cost – Rehab progammes can be used to make or save money – eg. build things – Has been found that heavy sentences (and even death sentence) have no effect on crime rate – Long-time inmates are most likely to re-offend

– Rehab programme is better than nothing
– Long term jail sentences create “us” and “them” situation – Crime and
criminals are social problem, we have to try and re-integrate criminals into society, rehab tries to do this

2) Everybody has the right to carry gun –Preparation and practice –168

3) Patriotism is the biggest cause of war –-Preparation and practice –168.

4) The crime rate among teenagers has increased dramatically in many countries. Discuss some possible reasons for this increase and suggest solutions to this problem. (Discuss a problem and suggest solutions)

5) Why should not take drugs?

– All drugs are addictive.
– Sooner or later your habit will get out of control.
– Drugs make you boring.
– Drugs cost a lot of money.
– Drugs take up a lot of time.
– Drugs make you hate your self.
– Drugs destroy your social faculties.
– Drugs damage your health.
– You never know what you are talking.
– Sooner or later you will find yourself on a recovery programme.

6) Discuss some of the reasons for and effects of drug use amongst young people in modern society. What can governments do to prevent and fight youth drug abuse? – 202 exercises –124. Drug, cuc(5).. english-net_com.htm ….comprehensive sitetask1-task2.htm; 101 hints166. Why teenagers use more drug?

– Teenagers are under increasing pressure
– peer pressure or pressure to succeed ; Pressuure to perform well at school. – Drug use may help them escape reality, forget their problems, or simply feel more accepted by their friends. – One way t express dissatisfaction with those pressures

– In addition, through the media we are exposed to information that glamourises drug use and makes it look attractive, particularly to young people. – Furthermore, teenagers are usually naturally curious about drugs, and drug dealers can take advantage of this curiousity for their own profit. – Parents who drink and smoke to excess are, in effect telling their children that it is accaptale to abuse their bodies with drugs. – The widespread availability of drugs mean teenagers are faced with the temptation to experiment What are the effects?

The increase in drug abuse has had far-ranging effects.
– There are obvious health risks associated with drugs, such as AIDS. – Many young people’s talent are wasted, and addiction to hard drugs can cost a user his or her life. – Those who drink and drive may be involved om fatal road accidents. – What is more, addicts need money to support their habits, and may need to turn to crime or prostitution to raise it. – They may then have criminal records and become even more isolated from society. – Drug abuse among young people can also lead to family break-up. What are solutions:

– High fines and prison sentences should also be imposed on drug dealers and users. – prevention is better than cure and so a good education programme about the dangers of drug abuse is one of the most important steps any government should 7) Without capital punishment (the death penalty) our lives are less secure and crimes of violence increase. Capital punishment is essential to control violence in society To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion? Death pd6 Cambrige 2 – 161; Advantages of death punishment?

• capital punishment is a symbol of justice: people must pay for their actions. • show law power to people->threaten people exp. drugs sellers or treasonable people – this method can make people scared to do something against the law. – Secondly, capital punishment can save money.

– A government has to budget for prisoners.
– In contrast, a government does not need to provide money to feed prisoners who are sentenced to capital punishment. What are disadvantages?
– Nevertheless, there is an argument about human rights. No one has the right to kill other people. – inhuman: deprive the right to live
– possibility for killing potential good citizens: after being rehabilitated. – No use for crime reduce: terorist.
– Moreover, some people ask how to be certain that a decision of a judge is suitable. The wrong decision by the judge could not rescue the death of the prisoners. – Furthermore, many prisoners become good people after leaving jails. – In prisons, there are many activities which rehabilitate all prisoners. – Prisoners can practice special skills which help them to find jobs when their punishment is over, such as cooking, art, electronics and fixing cars. – Lastly, crimes do not decrease in some countries ever though capital punishment is used. 8. The crime rate among teenagers has increased dramatically in many countries. Discuss some possible reasons for this increase and suggest solutions to this problem. (Discuss a problem and suggest solutions)reason: 9. Reasons for crime and suggestion

What are reasons?
– Crime is frequently connected to poverty.
– Those at the bottom of society, with few opportunities and perhaps little education, are more likely to be tempted into a life of crime as a solution to their problems, financial and otherwise. – The problems of poverty are magnified when the gap between rich and poor widens. When the rest of society has access to a comfortable lifestyle, it surely makes hardship even more difficult to bear; again, crime may seem a tempting alternative. – Social factors may also have led to crime increases.

– Family structures have changed, and feelings of community have vanished. – As social units become less and less close-knit, the unspoken rules that guided behaviour and kept everyone in check disappear, and one of the results may be crime. – Many criminals commit crimes after having been in prison. – This clearly suggests that prison has little or no effect. – Violent scenes on TV -> consider common thing -> try immitating – Lack of parents’ proper up-bringing (busy earning money). – Mature crime increase ->affect juvenile crime

– Government not succeed enforcing the law or give little attention to this
proplem Solutions:

• Governments can certainly make great efforts to close the gap between rich and poor, and offer everyone a reasonable education which will bring them greater opportunities in the future. Social welfare and education systems exist in many countries that succeed in doing this. Of course, they must be funded by tax-payers”””” money, and increases in taxation will always be difficult for any government to introduce. However, increases in crime are also a heavy burden on the taxpayer, as prison systems are extremely expensive and already under enormous pressure. • What governments must do is accept these changes and respond to them in a practical way. If there are more one-parent families, there is little point harking back nostalgically to the days when everyone had two. What governments must do is try to ensure that such families do not live in poverty or experience discrimination that might remove their opportunities to lead fulfilling and law-abiding lives. • A further suggestion is that our punishment systems should be made to fit the crimes, so that a vandal could be forced to clean the streets as part of his punishment. This may bring the message home more clearly than a few months in prison. • enhance censorship for media means.

• call for the corperation among parents, school, and govement to put the children in strict education. • send young criminals to rehabilitation school.
10. “When teenagers under the age of 18 commit crimes, their parents should be held responsible.” Write an essay discussing this statement and suggest ways to combat teenage crime. Why parents should be held responsible?

• Not mature enough to identify the justice -> not eligible to be reponsible for their action • Parents responsible for child-rearing, unadequate up- bringing -> commit a crime -> reasonable to hold responsibility • Educational term: parents’ undesirable situation affect the children ’s thought ->possibly stop

11. Criminals who commit serious crimes should be sentenced to death. 12. The welfare state makes people less self-reliant.
13. Do you think that punishment for violent crimes should be the same for juveniles and adults? Why/why not?

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