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Security Essays

Security Assessments

The purpose of this paper is to discuss the how a security assessment can be used to mitigate fraud and risk towards a given organization. This paper will discuss the steps for an effective security risk assessment which includes defining a risk scope, risk treatments (acceptance, avoidance, transfer, mitigate, or …

Analysis of the Federal Information Security Management Act (Fisma)

Foreign as well as domestic cyber threats and attacks on technological networks and systems have led the Government to enact the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA), which is a section of the E-Government Act of 2002. FISMA provides the statutory structure required for management, reporting, assessment and compliance. This …


Abstract This paper aims to provide very relevant information about RSA RecurID technology and on how it works in a company.  We know that security is always a “battle cry” for most companies, the impact and the effect it brings to the table in a company made it now an …

The Current Social Security System

The current social security system should not be replaced by a mandatory private pension system.  In the light of the global pension crisis, there is a growing concern in the US that the current social security system might be replaced by a mandatory private pension system. Such a development is …

Proprietary vs. Contract Security

Proprietary security is where by a business organization takes the responsibility to hire and train its own staff to provide security to the company’s assets, where as contract security the business organization vests the security provision responsibilities on the company’s assets to a different agency. When a security in a …

Cyber Crime And Internet Security

Title: To investigate the various forms of cyber crime and internet security and privacy threats in reference to developing countries. 1.0 Introduction. Cyber crime, security and Privacy have become synonymous with internet use. This scenario although common all over the world is more rampant and pronounced in the developing world …

Computer Security

World is experiencing a technical revolution in which internets has become a part of everyone’s life. However because of this high end revolution, privacy concerns are also growing in. Now prevention of hacking and spreading of virus through Internet has become a major concern. Customers are now more concerned about …

Factors Affecting Effective Inventory Control

1.0 INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND TO THE PROBLEM The early 1980s saw tremendous expansion in the area of network deployment. As companies realized the cost benefits and productivity gains created by network technology, they began to add networks and expand existing networks almost as rapidly as new network technologies and products …

Linear Feedback Shift Registers

Abstract: Linear Feedback Shift Registers (LFSRs) are considered powerful methods for generating pseudo-random bits in cryptography algorithm applications. In this paper it is shown that the linear dependencies in the generated random bit sequences can be controlled by adding a chaotic logistic map to the LFSR’s systems. The structure of …

Recognition Rites Speeches

I. AUTHORITY A. Application for issuance of Permit to Carry Firearms Outside Residence (PTCFOR) of Hon. Pedro M. Ureta, Brgy Captain of Brgy Dapdap, Tangalan, Aklan. B. Police Blotter Report of Tangalan Police Station, Tangalan, Aklan docketed under Entry No. 3825, Page No. 670 dated 020900 August 2009. II. PURPOSE …

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