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Murder Essays

Serial Killers and Mental Illness

In the mid-1800s America was introduced to the first serial killer H.H. Holmes. Holmes was found guilty of six murders in Chicago but it is thought that he is guilty of over fifty more. A serial killer can be defined as a person who commits a series of murders without …

The Catcher in the Rye - That The Novel Justifies the Murder of John Lennon

On the evening of December 8, 1980, Mark David Chapman calmly approached John Lennon outside of his apartment, pulled out a gun and fired five steady shots, four of which hit their mark. As the former Beatle, semi-conscious, lay on the ground haemorrhaging, Chapman pulled out his copy of The …

To What Extent Can Macbeth Be Defended For The Murder Of Duncan?

The play Macbeth was written by English playwright William Shakespeare around 1605. It is about the supernatural, internal conflicts and the much used “killing of the King” plot. It is centred on the struggle within Macbeth’s mind between good and evil. The play aroused considerable interest at the time when …

The Psychopath Case Study: Jack the Ripper

Between 1888 and 1891, several brutal and violent murders occurred in Whitechapel, London. All the victims were poor females who were said to be prostitutes. The murders involved several signature characteristics that include: overkill, incapacitation, sexual degradation, genital mutilation and much more. The serial killer who was named “Jack the …

Hannibal Lecter Analysis

This is based from the fictional movies (Hannibal Rising, Red Dragon, Silence of the Lamb and Hannibal) about the life of Dr. Hannibal Lecter. Dr. Hannibal Lecter was born at Lithuania with his parents and with his younger sister named Mischa. When Dr. Hannibal was six years old, at the …

Law Abiding Citizen

The Movie Law Abiding Citizen was released 2009. The director was F. Gary Gray and the actors were Jamie Foxx played Nick Rice his role was the lawyer, husband, father and friend. Gerard Butler played Clyde Shelton his role was the husband, father, victim, and convict. Colm Meaney played Detective …

The Massie Affair

Introduction             The Massie affair was a sensational murder trial case in Hawaii in 1931.  It involved not just the immediate actors and stakeholders, like the convicted murderers of Joseph Kahahawai, but also the larger native Hawaiian community and institutions like the US Navy, the Office of the Governor, the …

The Myth that Serial Murderers are Disproportionately White Males

Serial  killing  is  a  spree  of  random   murders  of  innocent  targets  in  a  senseless and  pointless  manner.  This  mayhem  of  killing  is  horrific  and  shocking,  to  say  the  least!  Several  serial  killers  live  in  lore  as  icons  of  butchery  and   infamous  murderers,  recklessly  taking  lives  of hapless  victims.  In  a  …

The Butchers Tale: Murder and Anti-Semitism in a German Town

            In narrating how the community of Konitz, Germany found an upper torso of eighteen-year-old Ernst Winter inside a package floating in the lake of Monchsee, it was suspected that the event was a ritual murder of Jewish butcher Gustav Huffman, in acquiring Christian blood for the unleavened bread for …

The Death Penalty: The Ultimate Punishment

There are many different reasons why Capital Punishment was abolished in 1972 and even I, a firm believer in the death penalty, can see the legitimacy of some of these reasons. Yet this still does not justify letting someone who has wrongly taken the life of an innocent person. “In …

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