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Rape Essays

Statutory Rape

            Statutory rape is generally defined as the “unlawful intercourse with a person under the age of consent … regardless of whether it is against the person’s will” (Garner, 1999 as cited in Mitchell and Rogers, 2003). In other words, under the statutory rape laws, it is considered illegal to …

The Psychological Impact of Rape Prior to Marriage

Abstract This study will explore the impact of rape to the quality of married life of victims of stranger and acquaintance rapes, comparing their marriage and divorce rates, their psychological difficulties and their perception of the counseling process as a tool for recovery. Literature suggests that there is no difference …

Rape Subject

RAPE        Rape has been defined and redefined over the years to accommodate the changing needs of various societies. The laws concerning the offense of rape are varied across the globe which may depend on the customs and believes of the societies. These laws keep being modified with time with …

Gang Rape in India

A 29 years old woman had been raped by a bus driver, a bus conductor and 5 other men in the north India State of Punjab, in an incident that recalls the recent attack in Delhi of a student on a moving vehicle and thrown bleeding onto the street that …

The Rape, Humiliation, and Power Struggle of Alibech

The tenth story of the third day in the Decameron is an exploration of language just as the rest of the book. Within this story, the smallest of words can make the biggest differences in how the themes can be interpreted. The genius of Boccaccio’s writing is that while he …

"Cave of Spleen" to the rest of the "Rape of the Lock"

This episode in Canto IV opens an insight into the unconscious mind of Belinda, following the loss of her “lock”. The episode gives a clear yet somewhat complicated view of the state of Belinda’s unconscious. Pope thus presents the issues, which were later put forward by Freud, concerning the role …

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