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Abortion Comes with Reasons

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Abortion is an action women take in which has been in action for many years. Many women commit this action for many reasons. Women do find having an abortion hard but there are reasons as to why they do it and people should understand why women decide to commit this difficult choice. Having an abortion is something that many women do not want to commit because of how cruel it is. Abortion is the act of taking the life of a fetal baby in the womb before it starts maturing in the womb and before the baby is born. Many people find this unacceptable but people need to understand why women have to have an abortion. Therefore, I support having an Abortion because there are reasons like a woman might be to young to have a child, a woman might have been sexually assaulted, and a woman might not be economically stable.

To begin, one reason that I believe woman commits to having an abortion is because they are too young to have a child. Many young girls that are still in High School get pregnant. Girls that are in High School start making decisions that are not acceptable like having sex. These young girls start taking action into having sexual intercourse and do not take precaution and do not use protection so it leads to them getting pregnant. When these young girls get pregnant they plan not to have the baby because their parents say they are too young to have a kid and they do not have any support. According to the article “Teens Grateful for Second Change via Roe v. Wade,” “We weren’t using protection…we were terrified. I was 16” (18). Meaning that the sixteen-year-old had to get an abortion because the pregnancy was unplanned and she was not ready and too young to have a child. So, that was her reason she is having an abortion and I believe that this reason is justifiable because I am a teenager and I would not want to have a child right now. So, that is one reason why woman have an abortion.

In addition, woman have an abortion for any reason. Another reason a woman has an abortion is because they were sexually assaulted and because of that incident they get pregnant. I believe that no woman who is sexually assaulted and gets pregnant wants to have the baby. The reason I believe this is because they were forced and they do not want to have a baby from a prostitute or a rapist. Many women around the world get rape by men and they get pregnant due to being raped. So, they get an abortion. According to the article “Rape & Abortion: A Double Justice,” “Some woman decide on adoption because they fear the child will look like the father and be a reminder of the rape” (Meehan 33). Meaning that the woman who is a victim of rape has an abortion because they do not want to have memories of the rape. I support this because anyone who gets pregnant from rape or sexual assault should get an abortion. So, that is another reason a woman has an abortion.

Moreover, an additional reason I support woman having an abortion for any reason is because one reason may be that they are not economically stable to have a child. Many women who are still going to school or still live at their parent’s houses do not believe having a child is the best. Many woman plan to have a child when they are stable economically and they have their own house with a husband. Woman have unplanned pregnancy in which they are not stable for. Based on the article “Teens Grateful for Second Chance Via Roe v. Wade,” “What really convinced us to have the abortion is that I had no job…And my boyfriend job was only paying $13 dollars an hour” (18). In other words, the lady and her boyfriend were not economically stable to have a child so they believed having an abortion was the best option. I support this because I believe a person has to be economically stable to support their child so that the child can grow up with the things they need like food and clothes.

Furthermore, many people agree with woman being able to have an abortion for any reason to a certain extent. For example, those who agree with this is mainly democrats. Based on the line graph below there is data being taken from the question about whether it is fine for woman to have an abortion for any reason and democrats are a majority who agree and say yes over the years. The years that are being used to conduct this data is from the years 2016 to 2018. According to the graph, over the years the answer of yes for democrats has increase while the answer for yes for republicans has decreased. The line color for democrats is the color blue and the line color for the republicans is red. There is also a grey line that represents those who are neutral. However, based on the graph in the year 2016 between the population percent of thirty percent to forty percent had a response as yes decrease. However, in the year 2018 the response for yes of the population percent of twenty percent to sixty-two only increased for the neutral and democrats. Therefore, the line graph provides data about those who are democrats, republicans, and neutral in which who agree with woman having an abortion for any reason.

In contrast, many people disagree with allowing woman to have an abortion for any reason. Many people believe that it is not acceptable to society for woman having an abortion. People believe that having an abortion is wrong. In other words, people do not agree with allowing woman to have an abortion because they only see abortion as killing an innocent child. Many people believe that woman should not be allowed to have an abortion because of the fact of an abortion being a termination of the fetus. However, I on the other hand believe that woman should be allowed to have an abortion to a certain extent. The reason is because woman should be able to have a choice and a choice over what she feels is best for herself and her body. People do not understand the fact that not all woman are the same and not all woman are perfect or ready for a child. Basically almost ever woman in the world find abortion hard but people make this difficult decision based on the situation that they are in or facing. Therefore, no matter what those who disagree have to say, abortion should always be a choice for any reason.

Moreover, there are many theories that may relate to the topic of abortion and being able to have an abortion for any reason, but the main theory that relates to this topic is the Social-Conflict/Critical Approach theory. Based on the “Introduction to Sociology-2nd Canadian Edition,” the Scocial Conflict/Critical theory is, “an arena of inequalities of gender, social class, education, race, and ethnicity that generates conflict and change” (ch.10). The reason that this theory relates to this topic of abortion is because this topic causes many disagreements and problems. This causes for social problems like woman going on protest to allow abortion while other woman is going on riots about prohibiting abortion. This is causing conflict between the female gender. That is why this theory relates to this topic about abortion done by woman for any reason.

To conclude, abortion is an act and topic that many women agree or disagree on. The reason people do not agree with abortion is because it an act that requires termination or killing of an innocent child. However, I support abortion being done for any reason to a certain extent because not every woman can handle having a child. People need to understand the incidents that are going on in a woman’s life and how the woman got pregnant. So, I support abortion for any reason because I understand some reasons why a woman may have to abort a child and those reasons may be because she is too young, she was sexually assaulted, and she is not economically stable. People should acknowledge these reasons. In addition, the theory that relates to this is the Social-Conflict/ Critical theory because this topic causes conflict between the female gender. Therefore, I support a woman being able to have an abortion for any reason and so do democrats and those neutral of political parties based on the graph. So, abortion should be acceptable for any reason but too a certain extent.

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