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Pregnancy Essays

Pregnancy Essay Samples & Examples

The topic of pregnancy and abortion is interesting for discussion both from the medical and social side. Depending on your major, you can focus on peculiar argumentation. It is fascinating to write about prenatal development when the embryo growth in the mother’s body. It is very useful to learn this information about the child’s growth.

Pregnancy essays can also raise the topic of discussing abortions. You can prepare an article where you analyze this problem from positive and negative sides. Try to make a balanced essay where different arguments complement the opposite side of the discussion. Another topic refers to teenage pregnancy and the impact of society on very young couples who raise kids. Such topics are well-researched, and you can use the available information as reliable sources. This will make your paper interesting regarding research and academic style. Here you can make your order now if you need a plagiarism-free paper which is written from scratch.

Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) Has Significant Threats For Newborns

“Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) is a drug withdrawal syndrome that presents in newborns after birth when transfer of harmful substances from the mother to the fetus abruptly stops at the time of delivery”. NAS is a result of mothers who use opioids, benzodiazepines and alcohol. Mothers who look for help …

Teenage Pregnancy College

Currently it is common to see girls and teenagers between 15 and 18 years of age who have become pregnant for different reasons. Many teenagers today don’t know the big responsibility to raise a child. Becoming a parent is a big responsibility that many teenegers have to be aware of. …

Questions During Pregnancy

1. Myrna, who’s 4 months pregnant asks the nurse how much and what type of exercise she should get during pregnancy. How should nurse Maricel counsel her? a. “Try high-intensity aerobics, but limit sessions to 15 minutes daily.” b. “Perform gentle back-lying exercises for 30 minutes daily.” c. “Walk briskly …

Related Studies in Carinderia and Sari-Sari Stores

Several studies have examined the socioeconomic, medical, and psychological impact of pregnancy and parenthood in teens. Life outcomes for teenage mothers and their children vary; other factors, such as poverty or social support, may be more important than the age of the mother at the birth. Many solutions to counteract …

Tееnagе Prеgnancy in U.S

In thе еvеnt that thе rеadеr has not yеt hеard thе grim statistics, rеcеntly rеlеasеd data from thе National Cеntеr for Hеalth Statistics rеvеal that thе birthratе among U.S. tееnagеrs in 1990 had incrеasеd for thе fourth consеcutivе yеar. In that yеar alonе, 533,484 Amеrican girls undеr agе 20 gavе …

The Medicalization of Motherhood

In order to understand the ramifications surrounding the medicalization of pregnancy, one must understand the concept of human sexuality. Wikipedia encyclopedia states that human sexuality comprises a broad range of behavior and processes, including the physiological, psychological, social, cultural, political, philosophical, ethical, moral, theological, legal and spiritual or religious aspects …

The Morning After Pill – How it Works

While the push for safer sex is working in today’s society, sometimes a woman finds herself having had unprotected sexual intercourse and fears she may be pregnant.  Before, all she could do was hope and pray until time for her next period.  Now, however, she has another option – the …

Teenage Pregnancy

When we watch news on television and hear stories like a 38-year old mother gave birth to octoplets, we actually get curious and watch the whole report. It is a complete different story when we hear a 15-year old teenage girl pregnant with her boyfriend. Actually this kind of story …

Sex Education Should Be Taught in School

“If the Liberals’ law is passed, will sex education in the schools, including elementary grades, include the same portrayals of sexual activity which presently exist in heterosexual instruction? Will there be the same presentation of homosexual activity? Of course there will.” Stockwell Day Sex education, also known as sexuality education …

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