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Alcoholism Essays

The Alcoholic Family

  OPERATIONAL DEFINITION OF ALCOHOLIC FAMILY “Alcoholism is a social problem that seriously affects millions of family across the United States and throughout the world,” (Steinglass 1976).  People who suffer from this illness are known as alcoholics. They cannot control their drinking even when it becomes the underlying cause of …

Analysis of an Aa Recovery Story: It Might Have Been Worse

Social Influence: High parental expectations: were put on him: “the ambition to succeed was instilled in me.” Having idealised his family (a “fine” one), he followed what they told and showed him, and from early age, worked in all his spare time, after school and during vacations as he took …

Teenage Alcohol and Drug Abuse in America

Introduction Teenage alcohol and drug abuse in America is not a new phenomenon, nor did it begin with the counter-culture of the 1960s. It is a pernicious problem and has been around for likely as long as society has permitted such drugs to be readily available. Teens do not manufacture …

Corey Worthington

20,000 thousand dollars later, Corey Worthington (A sixteen year old party boy) throws the so called “best party ever”, showing no respect to anyone or anything even his own belongings. “It all started as a small gathering”, Corey says ” it wasn’t my fault it could have been anyone walking …

William Hogarth's Beer Street and Gin Lane

Beer Street and Gin Lane Hogarth’s one of the best known his satirical paintings. He designed and published them as part of a campaign in support of the government’s Gin Act, in an attempt to restrain the consumption of cheap gin. In these paintings, Hogarth compares the joys of beer …

Choice vs Disease

This essay will look to outline the different arguments in that; addiction to a substance is a choice of one’s free will, or is it a disease element in our bio chemical or physical make up? It will consider, if addiction extends from genes inherited from parents or forefathers, or …

Informative speech on alcohol

Five years ago my friends and i had fun drink a lot of buzz (alcohol) that night I went home. Got inside the house saw my closet and opened it tried to pee inside but I never did because there was no toilet to open, so I went outside and …

Persuasive Speech Argumentative

Introduction: A very good morning I bid to my lecturer, Miss Chai and all my dear friends. Before I begin my speech, let me ask you some questions. When was the last time you drank the alcoholic drink? Was it last year, last month, last week or yesterday? Do you …

Change for Life campaign

In relation to the health belief model, a relevant campaign would be the Change 4 Life campaign. This campaign gives enough information and resources to alcohol abusers whose lives are at risk because of alcohol. It helps them to eventually quit their habit of drinking. This campaign also helps to …

Substance Abuse Class

1. At about what periods in history did cocaine reach its first and second peaks of popularity, and when was amphetamine’s popularity at its highest? Cocaine -late 19th century and early 20th amphetamine- 1960s (Hart & Ksir, p. 125) 2. How did Mariani, Freud Halsted popularize the use of cocaine? …

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