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Substance Abuse Essays

Medication Assisted Opioid Abuse Treatments 

Opioid-related deaths continue to rise ever year in the United States and around the world. According to the CDC, in 2016 drug overdoses claimed the lives of over 63,000 people in the United States. Of those deaths, two-thirds were attributable to opioid use. The DSM V criteria for a substance …

Substance Abuse Affects All Walks of Life

Often when someone thinks of someone with a substance abuse problem, the first person that comes to mind isn’t someone educated and holding an elite job position. Unfortunately, substance abuse affects all walks of life. Anesthesiologists have a high rate of substance abuse. Anesthesiologists maintain highly stressful positions and work …

About Harm of Psychoactive Substances Like Alcohol, Cannabis, Cocaine and Other Illegal Drugs

The world health organization defines substance abuse as any harmful ways of using materials (natural or man-made) which are classified as psychoactive in nature. These substances may include alcohol, cannabis, cocaine and other illegal drugs. Although the use of psychoactive drugs has become a complicated social-economic issue over the past …

Alcohol Abuse in American Indian Populations

Introduction Alcohol abuse is a serious social issue, not only because it affects our physical health but also because it affects our mental health, and, in turn, our actions, our circumstances, our relationships, and so on. A group often associated with this issue are American Indians as an entity, even …

Culture Paper: How ‘Shameless’ Shows That Substance Abuse Can Affect Family

‘Shameless’ is a series that focuses on the story of a family of six children and their alcoholic father. The show depicts the Gallagher’s, a low-income family with parents that face severe addictions. The six children have to take control of the family to keep it together. The dad battles …

Issue With Drug Abuse in US of America

This paper will discuss the information of drug abuse throughout three major counties in California, which are Fresno, Los Angeles, and the San Francisco Bay Area. It will also share information of the drugs abused, statistic rates and identify which community is the stakeholders of some drugs. The statement of …

Drug Abuse Among Youths And Students

In the world today, abusing of drugs have come to b something that’s very common among youth in the society. This does not take the fact away that there are some elites and average class fellas who as well indulge in the act.Drug in itself is any form of substance …

Women and Substance Disorders Throughout Research

Throughout research there has been a direct correlation amongst women and the usage of substances and dependency. There have been many risk and protective factors that have been identified as to why women turn to illegal substances or remain abstinent. Studies show that as early as the 1800’s roughly 66%-75% …

Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) Has Significant Threats For Newborns

“Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) is a drug withdrawal syndrome that presents in newborns after birth when transfer of harmful substances from the mother to the fetus abruptly stops at the time of delivery”. NAS is a result of mothers who use opioids, benzodiazepines and alcohol. Mothers who look for help …

Alcohol and Substance Abuse Among Police Officers

Police officers are an important segment of the community. Without them, it would be difficult to maintain law and order of the society. However, it would be unrealistic to imagine that these individuals would not indulge in the same behavior that ordinary individuals do. They have the same stressors as …

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