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Review of Related Studies

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Lifts Stains Grease stains and ring around the collar can benefit from some chalk treatment! Rub a piece of white chalk into the stain and let it soak up the grease for a few minutes. Then, dust off any excess chalk and launder as usual. The chalk dust will get into the fibers and absorb the oils, making the stain easier to wash out. Absorbs Moisture Moisture and humidity can cause silver to tarnish. To slow the process, wrap a small bundle of chalk in cheesecloth, tie it off and store it with your silver absorb excess moisture and keep silver from tarnishing. This same method will work in your toolbox to keep your tools from rusting. (See also: How to Clean Silver) Stabilizes Screwdrivers Rub some chalk on the business end of a screwdriver, and it’s less likely to slip as you turn the screw. Combats Mustiness Hang a bundle of chalk in your closets and cabinets to keep them from getting damp and musty. The chalk will absorb excess moisture from the air — humidity that otherwise leads to mustiness Perfects Patterns

The next time you need to trace a pattern for a craft project, use the item tailors have used for ages: chalk. The markings will be clear and easy to see, and when you want to erase them, simply dust away the lines. Repels Ants To keep ants out of your house, draw chalk lines around your doorways and windowsills. Ants won’t cross a chalk line. Why? It’s not entirely clear, but some say the ants don’t like the particles sticking to their feet, while others say they’re averse to the calcium carbonate in the chalk. Whatever the reason, this nontoxic solution will keep ants outside where they belong. According to Leven Flickety(2006) There are two types of chalk paint: the first is paint made out of pieces of chalk, and the second is a type of paint used to give furniture a matte, chalky finish. This article discusses how to make paint using pieces of chalk that you can use to paint chalkboards, the sidewalk or any other surface you’d normally write on with chalk. In agriculture chalk is used for raising pH in soils with high acidity. The most common forms are CaCO3 (calcium carbonate) and CaO (calcium oxide). Toothpaste also commonly contains small amounts of chalk, to serve as a mild abrasive.

According to Putu Karya (2008). A group of students of Department of Dental Education, Faculty of Dentistry, Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta, proving that the sap of the banana can accelerate the wound healing process. With the concentration of banana stem sap 80 percent, faster wound closed 30-60 percent. This research won the gold medal in the 2010 Student Science Week National Education Ministry in July, the category Student Creativity Program for Research. One student researcher, Rahma Ningsih (21), said the research was originally inspired Kandangan habits in rural communities, Sayegan, Sleman regency who treated the wound by rubbing sap of banana trunks. “From here we are interested in researching, what banana juice really speed up the healing of wounds. If true, how the effect, “he said in Yogyakarta, Thursday (12/08/2007). Adjusting to the majors, the study focused on wound healing after tooth extraction. Pascapencabutan wound healing gear needs to be accelerated because of the potential infection if too long.

In this study, the sap of plantain (Musa sapientum) is processed into an ointment with a concentration of 80 percent and were tested in guinea pigs. With ointment, tooth extraction wounds heal faster proven, from 15 days to 5 to 10 days. Expected to be the same efficacy on cuts on other body parts because the wound healing process is basically the same. Other members, Yosaphat Rosanto Bayu (21), say, bananas are used can be of any type because of its content is relatively the same. Banana juice is known to contain three elements are useful to accelerate wound healing, namely saponins, flavonoids, and ascorbic acid. Saponin works to increase the formation of new blood vessels in the wound so that supply oxygen and nutrients more. Ascorbic acid to strengthen and accelerate the growth of connective tissue (collagen) new. The shortening of flavonoids inflammation (inflammation) which can inhibit healing. According Yosaphat, in addition to proven efficacy banana juice from the sides of science, the research also found a dose and effect.

Hopefully, this research can be developed to produce large quantities of drug. When used in fresh form, said Yosaphat, healing a little longer because the water concentration is very high. “It’s more potent when it is processed,” he said. Previously, the Faculty of Dentistry, Gadjah Mada University has been researching the properties of fennel leaves and gotu kola to speed wound healing gums. He mentioned, there are many natural ingredients can be used as a drug. However, the utilization is still very simple.

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