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Therapy Essays

North Carolina's Fight Against Opioid Addiction

North Carolina has a growing epidemic of opioid addiction throughout all of its 100 counties. Thousands of North Carolina’s residents are battling with this awful addiction because of how easily they have access to those types of drugs. While most of these unfortunate victims of addiction started off using opioids …

The Most Distressing Symptom

Julie, a 32-year-old graphic designer, presents distressing symptoms in several aspects of her life, such as low mood and a lack of motivation, she has low energy and finds it a huge effort to do just about anything, especially things that she once loved to do. She has not been …

Respiratory Therapist

A respiratory therapist is a healthcare professional that provides care services in the area of respiration.  These professional often deal with patients that experience heart and lung diseases.  Respiratory therapists are often involved in respiratory care of patients that are confined in different areas of a hospital such as intensive …

Why I Want To Be a Radiation Therapist

Radiation Therapy, also called radiotherapy or x-ray therapy or irradiation, is the use of certain type of energy called ionizing radiation to cure abnormal cells like cancer ad tumors.[1] Radiation therapy injures or destroy almost all nearby cells indiscriminately, whether the abnormal or cancer cells or the healthy and normal …

Comparative Analysis of SFBT and C/RT

Introduction/abstract In this paper I will compare the essential features of Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) and Choice/Reality Therapy (CRT) in counseling and psychotherapy. Description Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) Description SFBT Solution-focused therapy is a form of brief therapy that builds upon individuals’ strengths by helping them evoke and …

Person Centered Therapy

As a person-centered therapist how would you proceed in therapy in the case of Doris? One important aspect of the person centered approach is the empathy that should be exhibited by the counsellor/therapist. Carl Rogers (Corey, 2004) initiated the model with the premise that within each person is the capacity …

Heated and Humidified High Flow Oxygen Therapy

This research article was written after a randomized study was done to evaluate the effects that heated and humidified high flow oxygen therapy has on patients that suffer from hypoxemic respiratory failure. In general when a patient is admitted to the hospital and placed on a high flow oxygen device …

Fibrinolytic vs. PCI therapy Grant Proposal

Fibrinolytic therapy has been a significant means of establishing reperfusion in patients whom have had a myocardial infarction or some sort of blood clot. However, limitations to the use of thrombolytic therapy that must be taken in to account are intracranial bleeding, inability to start thrombosis in Myocardial Infarction flow …

Sensory Integration In Pediatrics

Sensory experiences include touch, movement, body awareness, sight, sound and the pull of gravity. The process of the brain organizing and interpreting this information is called sensory integration. Sensory integration provides a crucial foundation for later, more complex learning and behavior. For most children, sensory integration develops in the course …

The Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage can be defined as a systematic and scientific manipulation of soft tissues of the body for the purpose of obtaining or maintaining good health. (ABMP) The history of massage and healing touch is long and complex, with more than 75 different types of massage and bodywork modalities, a generic …

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