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Surgery Essays

Medical Field

Research a current innovator in the medical field. Explain what this person’s contributions to the field are, and why these contributions are important or significant. Anesthesia Imagine that you have to have an operation soon, but your doctor said, “I am sorry, we not have anesthesia today.” What would you …

Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery

Introduction             According to American Heart Association, a “Coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery” is a form of heart surgery that redirects blood around clogged arteries to increase blood flow and oxygen to the heart. During CABG surgery the surgeon uses a portion of a healthy vessel (either an artery …

Teenagers’ Increased Interest in Plastic Surgery

Introduction             It is no big surprise the trend that our teens today have set themselves especially pertaining to beauty and body perception. Although plastic surgery is still a first world “thing,” because of technology availability, accessibility as well as affordability, more and more countries has come to accept its …

Weight Loss Surgery

Introduction Weight loss surgery is an alternative and effective method of losing excess weight for a health life. As a nation, we are going through trying moments as lifestyle diseases related to weight incapacitate our productive segment of the society and lose our loved one. In deed, the future health …

Telesurgery: Robotic Surgery

Definition According to Tang (2003), Tele-Surgery is the latest innovation in medical practices, it is the operation wherein the surgeon is separated from the patient and uses remote manipulation to perform the surgery. It is a medical practice which belongs to the even larger umbrella concept of Telehealth. In this, …

Clavicle Fracture

A clavicle fracture is also known as a broken collarbone. The collarbone is located between the ribcage (sternum) and the shoulder blade (scapula); this connects the arm to the body. (Orthoinfo) The clavicle is a long bon and most breaks occur in the middle. On very rare occasions, it will …

Managing Paediatric Illness and Injury Argumentative

Be able to provide first aid to an infant and a child with a suspected fracture and a dislocation. 1.1 Describe the common types of fractures. Types of fracture Fractures are divided into two types depending on whether or not they break through your skin. * Closed fractures. This is …

Should Teenagers Be Discouraged from Doing Plastic Surgery?

What is plastic surgery? Plastic surgery is ‘the process of reconstructing or repairing parts of the body by the transfer of tissue, either in the treatment of injury or for cosmetic reasons’ (Oxford Dictionaries, 2010). Sushrutha from India, who is known as the ‘Father of Plastic Surgery’, had carried out …

Cosmetic Surgery Is Mere Vanity

We all remember the famous line ‘Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of all’ from Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs. In the story Snow White’s vain stepmother wishes to be declared the most beautiful women in the world. Vanity is basically excessive pride in ones appearance, …

Beauty Advantage

In recent years, there is a lot of fuss about looking good. In fact, fashion industry and plastic surgery set new standards of attractiveness, and people blindly follow them, because they are convinced that beauty and success are inextricably linked. It seems that your success and happiness depend on your …

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