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Why I Want To Be a Radiation Therapist

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Radiation Therapy, also called radiotherapy or x-ray therapy or irradiation, is the use of certain type of energy called ionizing radiation to cure abnormal cells like cancer ad tumors.[1] Radiation therapy injures or destroy almost all nearby cells indiscriminately, whether the abnormal or cancer cells or the healthy and normal cells.

The goal of radiation therapy is to injure as many cancer or abnormal cells while limiting the damage to healthy and normal cells thus, the need of a radiation therapy.  A radiation therapist is the person who directly involved in the simulation process of the therapy inasmuch as they are the one responsible for the actual delivery of ionizing radiation and is often the fist to assess therapy-related symptoms of the patient.[2]

            Because of the intricacies of the said profession, one should not be surprised to find that there are a lot of person who are interested in pursuing a career in the field of radiation therapy.  I, for one, have decided to become a radiation therapist because of the following reasons: First.

I choose to pursue a career in radiation therapy because of the vital role it plays in the field of medicine and the system of health care.  Radiation therapy is a known treatment cancer and some benign diseases. Thus, I want to become a radiation therapist because I want to be part of the medical team that will help treating a seemingly becoming wide-spread disease.  In such way, my career would help me to have a sense of being by making my life a mission and objectively with purpose kind of life.

   Second.  I want to pursue a career in radiation therapy because of my interest in the cutting-edge technology it uses to bring to the patient the right treatment that they need.  The use of the advanced computer system that allow the simulation and planning of treatment details and ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of treatment delivery perks up my interest in this field.  Advisers in choosing careers often say that consideration on what interest a person is one of the primary factor that help him choose and pursue a career.  Thus, considering these advices I believe that I have enough interest to keep me in the path leading to a career in radiation therapy.

Third, I choose to be a radiation therapist because I believe that I can apply my knowledge in the subject of mathematics, biology and physics as these subjects are requisites in order to give precision and safe operations of sophisticated equipments needed for the treatment.

Radiation therapist are said to be keen and detail-oriented through the application of the disciplines embedded in the said subjects which I am most comfortable applying in real life.  Therefore, I believe that these subjects would not be a hindrance but rather an advantage in taking up this career.  Fourth, financially wise I believe that finishing this career will contribute to my financial needs in the future.

Statistics shows that there will be a growing need for radiation therapist thus, I believe that having in taking up this career, I will be assured of future employment and be financially stable in the years ahead.  Lastly, I believe that I have a high interpersonal skill that is very compatible with the profession.  Furthermore, since it is regarded that radiation therapy is all about the patient, I believe that I can help in providing the patient and their family with an in-depth and continuous care, support and counseling throughout the treatment process.  Thus, in making this decision of choosing this profession, I will be able to make my career more than about money, more than about the cutting edge equipments but also about the person in need of treatment.

            In choosing to become a radiation therapist, I believe that I can contribute to the scientific and practical advances of the profession in general.  Because of my innate interest in the field of radiation therapy and by considering further studies in this field I believe that I can contribute more to the scientific advancement of the profession through my research and scholarly works.  Furthermore, I can represent and create a good image to the profession by my genuine service to the patients through my dedication to the work itself.

            In choosing this career, I envision myself having a bright career in the future. Three to five years from now, I see myself climbing the administrative ladder of the profession as being, for example, the chief or head of radiation therapists in a certain health care organizations while continuing to do treatments to my patients.

I also look forward in managing radiation therapy programs in treatment centers and other health care organizations designed to help co-therapist and the patients themselves. I also envision myself sharing my knowledge in the field through teaching or research and scholarly works.  Also, after learning the basic intricacies of the profession, I consider building and creating my own treatment center which will cater the same treatment programs and offer technical sales. This is of course, possible through hard work and dedication.


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[1] National Cancer Institute (2000), Radiation Therapy and You: A Guide to Self-Help during Treatment, p. 5.

[2] Bruner, Deborah Watkins (2001), Outcomes in Radiation Therapy: A Multidiscipline, p.28.

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