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Rereading America

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1) What motivated Malcom X to educate himself is that while he was spending 7 years in prison he educated himself and became a discipline of Elijah Muhammad, founder of the nation of Islam. Many people think that he went to school far beyond the eighth grade. But this impression is due entirely to his prison studies. He argues that Bimbi was the first person that made him feel envy of his stock knowledge. He also explain that from the every book he would pick up had few sentences which didn’t contain anywhere from one to really all of the words that might as well have been in chines.

He would skip those words, but he ended up with little idea of what the book is talking about. Moreover he would spend two days just riffling uncertain through the dictionary’s pages. He soon realize that he went faster after so much practice which help him to pick up handwriting speed , between what I wrote in my tablet and writing letters, during the rest of his time in prison that would guess he wrote a million words. Variety of classed was thought about Malcom X by their instructor.

2) Malcom X gain knowledge from study books that he could know what the book is talking about. After practicing and taking words by words from dictionary he soon learn millions of words.

3) In my opinion if public schools was to empower the students in the way that Malcom X’s self-education himself is the best way to help the students to know much more words from every words that they look up in dictionary and they would know new words every day.

4) “Still Separate, Still Unequal” Pg. (201)

1) By comparing my own elementary and secondary school experience and the public schools of Kozo is that unhappily, the trends for well over decades now, has been precisely the reverse. Schools that were already deeply segregated twenty-five or thirty years ago are no less segregated now, while thousands of other schools around the country that had been integrated either voluntarily or by the force of law have since been rapidly desegregating. In Los Angeles there is a school that bears the name of Dr. King that is 99% percent black and Hispanic.

2) Many educators make argument today that given the demographical of large cities like the New York and their suburban areas, our only realistic goal should be the nurturing of strong, empowered, and well-founded schools in school in segregated neighborhoods. Black school officials in these situations have something conveyed to me a bitter and clear sighted recognition that they’re being asked , essentially to mediate and render functional an uncontested separation between children of their race and children of white people living something in a distant section of their town and something in almost their own immediate communities.

3) Perhaps most damaging to any serious effort to address racial segregation openly is the refusal of most of the major arbiter of culture in our northern cities to confront or even clearly name ab obvious reality they would have castigated with a passionate determination in another section of the fifty years before- and which moreover, they still castigate today in retrospective writing that assign it to a comfortable distant and allegedly concluded era of the past.

College at Risk Pg. (219)
1) Collage as a place where young people encounter ideas and ideals from teachers and debate them with peers has a history that exceeds two millennia. But in several important respects, the American collage is a unique institution. In most of the world, students who contribute their education beyond secondary to choose their field of specialization before they arrive at university. In America there has been an impulse to slow things to extend the time for second chance and defer the day when determinative choices must be made.

2) What does statement have in common and there is truth in both is an instrumental view of education. Such a view has urgent pertinence today as the global ‘knowledge Economy” demanded marketable skills that even the best secondary school no longer adequately provide. The view of teaching and learning as an economic driver is also a limited one, which puts at risk Americas most distinctive contribution to the history and, we should hope to the future of higher education.

3) The idea of lateral learning originates from the puritan conception of the gathered church, in which the criterion for membership was the candidates “Aptness to edifie another. It can provide the pleasurable chastisement of discovering that others see the world differently, and that there is rehearsal for deliberative democracy. Unfortunately, at many collage as fiscal imperatives overwhelm education values, this kind of experience is becoming the exception more than the rules. The education imperatives is clear, a class should be small enough to permit every student to participate in the give and take of discussion under the guidance of an informed skill and engaged teacher.

4) One of the difficulties in making the case liberal education against the rising tide of skepticism is that it is almost impossible to persuade doubters who have not experienced it for themselves. In our time of economics retrenchment, defenders of the faith are sounding beleaguered. Everyone who is honest about academe knows that collage and universities tend to be wasteful and plagued by expensive redundancies. The trouble is that many reforms, and most efficiencies, whether achieved through rational planning or imposed by the ineluctable process of technology change, are at odds with practices that are essential if liberal education is to survive and thrive.one of the distinctive features of the American collage has always been the idea that student have something to learn not only from their teachers but also from each other.

A class should be small enough to permit every student to participate in the give-and take- of discussion under the guidance of an informed, skilled, and engage teacher.an even more promising strategy for cost containment is to install one or another technological “delivery system” in place of the cumbersome old system of teachers mentoring students. The standardize-testing regime along with the mania for institutional rankings is spread throughout the world and making inroads in the historically decentralized education system of the United States. With the arises the specter that our collage will be subject to some version of what, In the elementary and secondary schools, has come to be known as the No Child Left behind Act., assessment program.

5) May collage woman, who now outnumber men, are already mothers, often single, And regardless of age or gender or social class, students experience collage in the limited sense of attending lectures, writing papers, taking exams, as a small part of daily life than did my generation , which came of age in the 1960s 70s. They live in an ocean digital noise, logged on, on line, booted up, as the phrase goes 24/7, linked to one another through an arsenal of gadgets that are never powered down. As they try to meet those challenge, it would be folly to dismiss as naïveté or nostalgia an abiding attachment to the collage ideal- how even much or little it ever conforms to reality. The power of this ideal is evident at every collage commencement in the eye of parents who watch their children advance into life.

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