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Latin America Essays

Effects of European Reformation Movements in Colonial Latin America

Introduction In the period from 1492 to 1504, the voyages of Christopher Columbus for Portugal and Spain were the hottest news. European sailors and soldiers conquered and colonized huge areas of the new world. From West Indies, the first land that the Spaniards conquered, they prolonged into the new world. …

Virgin Mary in Colonial Latin America

         Contained herein is an analysis of the depiction of Virgin Mary in Colonial Latin America, the scope period being 16-19th century. The analysis will specifically use the 1720 Virgin of the Mountain of Potosí painting to explain the significance of her presence. As a devotional image, …

The Monroe Doctrine Didnt Allow America to Dominate Latin America

If you look at the U.S. now, what do you see? Well, what you do not see is this nation owning much of Latin America. In fact, there are 24 Latin American countries, and the U.S. controls only 1 out of those 24. The Monroe Doctrine did not allow the …

Early Latin America

Introduction -During the 15th+16th centuries, Spain and Portugal colonized the Americas •Colonies were dependent (unlike Russia’s expansion) -Created economic dependency on W w/ lasing effects •Colonies maintained special contact w/ W (like Russia) -But Russia could decide what to borrow; colonies had W forms imposed •Superior tech., horses, and disease …

Civilian vs. Military rule in Latin America

In any study regarding the relationship between military and civilian rule In Latin America, it is important to have an understanding of the extensive role that the military has played in the region. The almost inseparable link between the civilian political system and military authority is key to gaining an …

Submarino.Com: The Challenges of B2C E-Commerce in Latin America

Situation: Submarino.com is a leading e-retailer in Latin America that offers products in multiple categories; Books, Rare and Imported Books, CDs, MP3s, Video and DVD’s, Toys and Games, Software and Computer Supplies, Cell Phones and Consumer Electronics (TVs, DVD Players, etc.). The company is headquartered in Brazil with virtual stores …

Clothes In Latin America

Clothes in Chile and general Latin America Clothing styles throughout Latin America vary from region to region and have been influenced through several different sources. Fashion in Latin America today and traditional fashions of Latin America differ dramatically. Climate, location, isolation, population, economy, history, colonial influences are many of the …


Carlos Alberto Montaner The author explains that Latin America can’t manage to achieve an economic and social development because of the elite who leads the countries. The author focuses his article on the politicians, the intellectuals, the left, the military, the businessmen and the clergy. They are leader groups who …

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