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Remember The Titans Argumentative

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The video “Remember the Titans” identifies some major problems involving racism in the 1970’s. In Alexandria, Virginia the schools have just begun integration, and it has left the city in an uproar. Coach Yoast is talking to his players about the soon to be integrated team. His defensive captain Gary Bertier says that he isn’t going to play football with those animals, especially after he learns that Coach Boone is taking over the position of head coach.

After some minor conflict between the new coach and the players, they head to camp. Boone forces whites to sit next to blacks on the bus, as a way to make them get along. At camp he forces them to pair up white with black, and, at first, this idea didn’t work. After the first few days at camp, everyone is finally beginning to get along. Ray Budds causes some problems, and has planted it firmly into his mind that he will never get along with blacks.

Upon returning from football camp the team is again thrown into turmoil. Two friends as close as brotherly bond, Gary and Julius, are trying to set an example for everyone else, with little success. At camp every player learned, “Trust the soul of a man, don’t judge by looks.” The first two games are won, and that helps to bring the town together. In one game, Ray Budds purposely misses a block so that Rev will get hurt, Gary knows this, and tell Boone that Ray needs to go. Boone says that Gary must make the decision to cut Ray from the team. Upon being cut Ray angers and saddens Gary by saying “He is your daddy now, ain’t he, how can you throw our friendship away for “Them.””

During the next game, the Titans are being beaten badly. The reason for this is that they don’t work as a team, and Louie points this out at halftime. The next half of the game suddenly makes a turn, and the Titans are once again on the road to victory. With a stunning come back victory, the Titans are on a glorious path to the playoffs. The coaches are thrilled by the comeback, especially for the fact that the referees were paid to make bad calls on the Titans. After this game Gary is paralyzed from the legs down because of a car accident.

At the final game the team is very worried due to the fact that Gary is out, and that the team they’re facing hasn’t lost a game in years. At the end of the first half the Titans have 0 pts, and are losing badly. During halftime coach Boone says how they just need to try their best, but Julius cuts in and says that they want his demand of perfection. Julius says that none of the players are perfect, and never will be, but the Titans, together as a team, are. During the third quarter, Petey finally gets to return to the game, and due to this, they make a strong comeback to victory.

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