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Relationships Between Teachers And Other Professionals In Education

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As a key part of our teaching and education training we need to develop knowledge and understanding of our roles, responsibilities and relationships within the teacher, student environment. I see this valuable to my progression and career development. The initial task was to produce a job description on my ideal job. Through research and reading, I was able to extend my knowledge and understanding of the importance to the following areas: TEACHING ROLE AND RESPONSIBILITIES: My role and responsibilities as a teacher are paramount for success and a clear understanding of what is required is important for the student’s progress and building professional relationships within the College or educational environment. As a teacher I have a responsibility to deliver teaching that is suitable for each student’s individual needs, keeping the learning styles varied and interesting and ensuring suitable resources are available.

Ongoing assessment of their progress and knowledge, keeps both the student and myself informed. This could highlight early signs that a student is under performing and perhaps the need to liaise with additional support teams; it would also provide clear aims and objectives for the student. THE NEEDS OF INDIVIDUAL LEARNERS AND POINTS OF REFERRAL TO MEET THEIR NEEDS: There will always be different strengths and weaknesses within a group of students. Careful planning ensures that every student is able to reach their full potential. The ‘Tomlinson Report, (1996) contributed largely towards inclusive practice, meeting the needs of the students, supporting learning styles and a range of teaching methods. Even with careful planning and delivery, there would possibly be a time to seek a point of referral for additional support, including, my line manager, other colleagues, learning support or skills for life specialists. Other areas of support could include printed materials including Braille, audio visual materials, verbal information from organisations, such as, Learn Direct, interpreter, Work Train or Information and Guidance for Adults (IAG Services).

Understanding my role and that of other professionals is paramount, as I would need to work collaboratively with other colleagues, parents, health care professionals or even local authorities, not only to improve teaching practice, but enable me to reflect on my own professional practice and improve the learning experience of the student. THE BOUNDARIES BETWEEN THE TEACHING ROLE AND OTHER PROFESSIONALS: Professional and personal boundaries define limitations between students and staff members. A student may have issues outside of class, it’s my place as a teacher to signpost, and I cannot be seen to be getting involved outside of my area of expertise. Equally, life has a habit of throwing various situations at us. It is therefore important to recognise that I do not let my personal situations affect my professionalism. Francis and Gould (2009) states: ‘Professionalism requires us to maintain appropriate standards and fulfil our responsibilities to learners, institutions and colleagues’.

KEY ASPECTS OF LEGISLATION, REGULATORY REQUIREMENTS AND CODES OF PRACTICE: As with any professional role there is always a legal requirement and ethical statutes. As a teacher I need to value the importance of this to ensure a safe professional environment. The main areas of importance are: Data Protection Act, 1998, protecting people from personal data being shared. The Health and Safety at Work Act, 1974, it is my responsibility as a teacher to be aware of risks of harm or injury, preventing accidents. The Equality Act, 2010, (replaces the Disability Discrimination Act, 1995 & 2005), protecting people from discrimination, creating an appropriate environment and making reasonable adjustments to overcome barriers. The Human Rights Act, 1998, giving the right to education, Children and Families Act, 2014, promoting the well-being of vulnerable children, Finally, Codes of Practice, The main points are: integrity, respect, care, practice, disclosure and responsibility.

PROMOTING EQUALITY AND DIVERSITY: As a teacher, recognising everyone as individuals, with individual needs, learning requirements, backgrounds and religions is of paramount importance. The students should feel that they have the opportunity to participate and fulfil their potential in everything that they choose to embark on. To consider aspects of, methods of teaching, body language and resources achieves inclusive practice and effective student support. It is crucial to a happy, relaxed environment that prejudice and discrimination is eliminated. Petty (1998), p.69, states: ‘All students must feel that they are positively and equally valued and accepted, and that efforts to learn are recognised, and judged without bias. It is not enough that they are tolerated.

They must feel that they and the groups to which they belong (e.g. gender, social-class or attainment groups) are fully and equally accepted and valued by you, and the establishment in which we work’. EVALUATION: The primary purpose of this report and compiling my ‘Job Description’ is to gain knowledge, understanding and an insight into the role of a teacher. This has been a valued learning experience for me and highlighted my strengths and the skills I need to work more closely on. Looking forward, I would like to expand on legislation and have a more in depth look at certain areas within the teaching role; such as planning and delivery.

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