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Registration background study

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In this generation, we all know that technology is colonizing us, and it is the best solution in our difficulties. Technology is the better way to make things easier and by this circle of time we cannot live without it. The most recognize technology is the computers and the discovery of the computer was the great function of modernity for different application to make things easier, more capable, and more adaptable for the humanity. It has brought a new level of knowledge and that became the new standard in the industry.

Nowadays, computer based system is commonly used by every company and institution or school and one of this is the “Registration with Grading System”. Computerization is a control system that manages processes in industrial workplace. It reduced human errors and processing time, thus it can boost productivity and resulted into high quality of product produce, while enrollment is the process of entering and verifying data of the student to register on a particular school. So that, “Registration with Grading System” is the must have system in a school. It is a convenient way of storing and retrieving information of a student that provides more easy way in enrolling, it also have the faculty and staff to make their work easier especially to a manual based school in terms of enrolling.

1.1 Background of the School:
Cupang Elementary School Annex was initially established in 1993. It was built through the joint efforts of the people of Sitio Sto. Niño and the late Mr. Rodolfo Ruiz who served as the first Officer-in-Charge. After consultation with Superintendent Dr. Aquilina Rivas, the proposal was immediately brought to the office of City Mayor. The school started with two bare classrooms of lightwood materials under one teacher, Mrs. Nida Pelagio who taught both Grade I and II pupils. When Mr. Ruiz passed away, Mr. Hidalgo headed the school from 1995-1996 succeeded by Mrs. Melita Nabayo from 1996-1997. During the 1997-1998 term of Mrs. Maria Tamaray who served as the fourth Officer-in-Charge of the school with the help of Miss Lecel Pacheco, a resident teacher, a letter was drafted requesting the neighboring AMKOR ANAM for financial assistance in the construction of concrete classrooms. Mrs. Marilou T. Gorospe, the next OIC followed up the request which is later granted. The blessing of the newly- constructed classroom was attended by Schools Division Superintendent Dr. Alma Bella O. Bautista, First Lady Loreta Fresnedi, Brgy. Capt. Artemio A. Simundac and Mr. Ed Mirabueno, Community Relations Officer of AMKOR ANAM with Mr. Jun Loreto, Vice President of AMKOR ANAM and all members of the foundation including the community who gave life to the celebration. The AMKOR ANAM Foundation also donated 220 armchairs, a karaoke, a teacher’s table and cabinet.

True to their promise, the foundation again financed the construction of another classroom in February 1999. This is in collaboration with the former PTA President, Mr. Pedro Iringan. For two consecutive years, 1998-2000, Cupping Annex has been called Bagong Silang Elem. School Annex. June 5, 2000, Mrs. Clarita E. Alejandro took office as Officer- in – Charge paving the way for Cupang Annex to become an independent public elementary school. Mrs. Aurora S. Bartolaba was assigned OIC of the School on October 2002 to January 2003, followed by Mr. Antonio C. Gagala who has made possible the construction of another classroom and the extension of the Principal’s office in coordination with the PTCA officers and Mrs. Revelina L. Bulaklak, PTCA President at the time.Mrs. Norma F. Polon who was assigned OIC on August 2004 to July 2005 accomplished the construction of School Clinic under the outreach program of the Meralco Foundation. The school continued to flourish with the passing of the years through the untiring support of the twice-elected PTCA President, Mrs. Revelina L. Bulaklak and the local government units. Under the administration of Mrs. Jane May C. Valbuena who took charge from July 11, 2005 up to June 25, 2006, the school has acquired a lot for expansion from a six-classroom building into an eight-room institution located at the back of the school premise.Brgy. Captain Artemio Simundac helped initiated the expansion of new classroom of the school. He took effort in transferring the residents at the back of the school to their new location to pave the way in the new classroom.

Under the able leadership of Miss Marissa M. Andanza, who took her office on June 26, 2006 the unfinished extension classroom was fully made functional with two classrooms. One of which is used by Grades I-3 and Grade II-3 while the other one is used as reading/ remedial room in the afternoon. August 28, 2007 marks the arrival of our tenth school head, Mrs Ofelia V. Espiloy, who has been an Assistant Principal in Muntinlupa Central School for seven years until her promotion. She is also a Section 1 class adviser in Grade V and teaches Science, her specialization. Under her leadership, Flour Daniel Company donated refrigerator, copying machine and computers. On May 6, 2009 Mrs. Manuela M Opalla, Teacher of Muntinlupa Elementary School was assigned as the new Officer- In-Charge of Cupang Elementary School Annex. At the start of her term, she sees that the school needs to be renovated and improved its building and other physical facilities. But the Ex Parte Motion of a Cease and Desist Order filed on Aug 20,2008 by petitioner of Sitio Sto. Niño Residents Association (SSNRAI), represented by its President Nilda Devilleres which directed the school to cease and desist from constructing any structure, edifice or any improvement in the premises of the school.

This restraining order prohibited the past administration from further improving and expanding the school building. But, the spirit of hope and courage didn’t stop her from finding ways to help the school. It took her a lot of effort and determination, together with the help of Mrs. Revelina L. Bulaklak, thrice elected GPTA President of the school to seek legal advice from attorneys regarding this matter. They gathered pertinent legal papers to support her action for the sake of school renovation and improvement. Because of her determined spirit. It was on May 2010 that the five classrooms, the Principal’s Office and the Multi-purpose room were renovated. Full replacement of roofing and electrical wiring and connection were installed and additional comfort room for girls was constructed. Additional ventilation was also provided by our new benefactor the Palms Country Club thru its president Mr. Todd Bretzlaff.. The Club chose Cupang Elem. School Annex as their recipient of their fund raising activities in celebration of their 7th year anniversary. On this month of August 2010, the Dep Ed renovated the four classrooms from the fund coming from Australian Aid thus the school is now fully renovated. This September 2010, the school has now an extension of two-storey building to be converted as a computer room on the second floor, library and clinic room on the first floor with the help of Brgy. Capt. Celso C. Dioko who donated the building to the school. Mrs. Manuela M. Opalla exerted a lot of effort to further improve the teaching- learning environment by building new linkages with The Palms Country Club, MIT International School of Alabang, GMA Kapuso Foundation, Ok Muntinlupa, Southridge School, MTAFFI, Office of the Congressman Biazon, Office of the Brgy Capt. Dioko and the GPTA S.Y. 2009-2010 .thru its thrice elected president Mrs. Revelina Bulaklak. Presently the school had a total facelift wherein all its facilities had undergone renovation / improvement and lately acquired two-storey building for its expansion, The school still considered the top performing school for it maintained being the topnotcher in National Achievement Test in the Division of Muntinlupa.

The school made a difference in paving its way to become a school of substance and is conducive to learning. With its continued growth and development, Cupang Elementary School Annex, slowly but surely, is making its name known to resilience for it has continued to meet the challenges of continuous increase in enrollment and classroom shortage, an emergent school ripe with possibilities and potentials for improvement and expansion as it persevere to serve the less fortunate people of Sitio Sto. Niño.

1.3 School Mission and Vision
It’s non-teaching personnel give their full support to the educational efforts as they see the complimentary nature of their work. Inspired by the Divine Providence and anchored on humanism, Cupang Elementary School Annex Barangay Cupang, City of Muntinlupa commits itself to transform each child into a person capable of developing his full human potential in a value – driven teaching – learning environment. Vision:

We view, Cupang Elementary School Annex located at Sitio Sto. Niño West Service Road, Cupang, Muntinlupa City as an urbanized and technologically – advanced community yet clean and freshingly green. We see our people as precious gems that mirror the virtues of discipline, moral uprightness, concern for their fellowmen, love of country and abiding faith in God. We see the teachers who are fully committed to give their best because they see teaching not only as a means of livelihood but as a form of service to God and fellowmen particularly the young in whom the country puts its for a bright future.

1.4 Overview of the Case Problem:
The Cupang Elementary School Annex (CESA) has its statement of the problem generally, 1.4.1 General Problem
The main problem of Cupang Elementary School Annex (CESA) is the manual processing of their enrollment and manual registration. And specifically,
1.4.2 Specific Problem
Time consuming
File searching and updating

Inaccurate data

No security

Unorganized Data of the students

1.5 Objective of the Study
This study or systems aim the following:
1.5.1 General Objective
To eliminate the manual process of Registration of the enrolled students of Cupang Elementary School Annex (CESA) and to apply the new proposed Registration with Grading System.

1.5.2 Specific Objective
Less time consuming
Easy to search and access of files
Accurate and dependable data source
Password protected system
Organize data

1.6 Scope and Limitation
This “Registration with Grading System” of CESA has its scope and limitation including the following: Scope
The “Registration with Grading System” will be designed for searching the data of the students by using VB 6.0 and MS Access. The system will show the personal data information of the students. The Guidance Counselor will be responsible for adding, editing, updating and deleting data to the system. The System will also include the password of the school or Guidance Counselor to search of the student data. The System will also include the Old, New, and Transferee students. The System will also show or preview the reports and allow printing and saving the student information. Limitation

The system will not be able to connect in the web.
The system will only allow the registered Guidance Counselor of the said school to access the system. 1.7 Significance of the Study:
The “Registration with Grading System” will benefit the School of Cupang Elementary School Annex (CESA), which has a problem in terms of encoding data or information and using a manual based in their enrollment. The proposed system will improve the process of enrollment of the school and will organize the files or information of the students, it also lessens the time of the Guidance Counselor to make or create their enrollment. In additional to that, it will make their enrollment easy, fast and reliable.

2.1 Related Studies
The group has found the following study/system as relevant to the system being proposed. 2.1.1 Local Studies
Cabanatuan City Science High School
Nowadays computer serves as an important role in our society, most especially in school premise. Most school uses computer to help their students deal in our modern technology. But as the population of the students continue to grow, many school face difficulties in handling their enrolment in a manual process. And one of the solutions in this problem is to make their manual enrollment into a computerized system. The School was conceptualized by the Division of City Schools of Cabanatuan through the leadership of the late Cabanatuan City Mayor Honorato C. Perez, Sr. and during the stint of then superintendent Dr. Ester C. Baylon founded the Cabanatuan City Science High School on April 19, 1985 by virtue of MECSRO Permit 06, s. 1985, which was approved by MECSRO III Director Pura Tumada-Liban. Mayor Perez and his son, Atty. Angelo Perez were both influential on establishing a brand of Science High School that would cater to the poor but deserving and intellectually promising Cabanatueńos. To honor the prime advocated on founding this school, Cabanatuan City Science High School was later renamed into Honorato C. Perez Sr. Memorial Science High School by virtue of Sangguniang Panlungsod Ordinance No. 96-002, s.1996 dated February 2, 1996. With this, the proponents of this research sought to find a way to facilitate the enrollment and all the student records by proposing a “Computerized Enrollment System” to replace the manual system. (PES) Parañaque Elementary School

In school now a days the enrollment process is always the toughest time that an institute mat face through out the year. The school PES Unit II is a public school located at Kabihasnan St. San Dionisio Paranaque City, this school has employed 51 teachers and has population of 1,797 students, The school is using manual process of enrollment and they found that using a manual process is hard to handle such as collection of records like storing, finding, sorting and securing of records particularly if this stored only in one room and in a limited space. These are the reason why the proponents proposed a computerized system. The proposed system for the said school provides a quick way of finding record of students. The user can use this system in order for there wok to be done faster and it can lessen the processing time because of its user-friendly features. The researchers developed the system which can minimize the time in order to access on the records of the students, as this enrollment process will much faster than the manual system.

Caduang Tete National High School
Caduang Tete National High School is now distinguished on its 41st year
sharing wisdom on every student individual since it was founded at 1969 Master Sergent Nicomedes Sunga. Is strategically located at Caduang Tete Macabebe, Pampanga. Their Vision and Mission is to develop Computerized Enrollment System. This proposed system would help the high school department of Caduang Tete National High School in simplifying its enrollment procedures and record keeping management system. Caduang Tete National High School is still using a manual process of enrollment for its high school department. Selected faculty members and staff are assigned in the admission. New students will take an entrance exam for determined that the student have a knowledge to allowed the student to enrolled. When the student passed in entrance exam, the next day he/she will ready for enrollment. New student will present the requirements to the assigned teacher such as NSO birth certificate, baptismal, good moral and the report card for verification of grades. Old students are exempted to take the entrance exam; he/she will just present his/her report card to the assigned teacher for verification. 2.1.2 Foreign Studies

Graceland Christian College
The computerized enrollment system will help the School of Graceland Christian College to provide the needed information and will help them to store this information faster, more convenient way by storing file of the student enrollees in a computer system that will lessen the effort of faculty staff in storing files of each student every now and then. The system will help the faculty to arrange the sectioning of students, arranging files and will make the computation fees more accountable. The system will also help the personnel their works and will lessen the time of working it will also help to improve the services of the school. The system will also help the student enrollees to register to the school much easier because it is computerized they will not waste too much time like before. The system will help them avoid any error on filling up any forms, because it easy for them to fill-up a form using a computerized system. Stephen McHenry in Iterative Implementation Strategy

There is another implementation approach that eliminates problems of using a waterfall study. It is known as the Iterative Implementation/Continuous Integration Approach. This is also known as Design/Implementation Increments. In fact, issues come out that by using Iterative Implement, Waterfall Method was remove totally in industry of studies. This was invented to avoid a linear and sequential development of study unlike the Waterfall Study With this approach, the overall functionality of the system is broken down into feature sets. These feature sets, often based upon use cases from the analysis stage, contain a group of individual features that are related, typically by functional area. In most cases, the entire set of features required to support a functional area will be too large to be considered a single feature set, and must be further divided to reduce the size

Long Beach City College Enrollment System
Southern California community college Long Beach City College has gone live with a new Cognos-based enrollment management system that was designed by Irvine, CA-based professional services firm e2e Analytix Prior to installing the new system, LBCC, which has two main campuses and multiple satellites that support nine schools and 34 departments, handled its enrollment via manual spreadsheets. With no reporting, continuity, or standard practices, and with lengthy error corrections, the schools enrollment management budgeting and planning took up to three months to compile, consolidate, and implement LBCC tapped e2e Analytix, which specializes in higher education, to design a web-based enrollment management system using Cognos Enterprise Planning software from Cognos Inc. (Ottawa, Ontario). Using Cognos for enrollment management was a unique application for Cognos, according to Dan Galuppo, e2es director of professional services, but the result delivers real-time data collection, consolidation, workflow, and calculations to help LBCC enrollment staff make faster and more informed decisions. 2.2 Theories Used

The researcher gathered the data and information of the school and student by interviewing Mrs. Manuela M. Opalla, the (OIC) Office in Charge/Principal of Cupang Elementary School Annex (CESA).

2.3 System Development Life Cycle
2.3.1 Planning Phase
In this phase, the researchers formulate a plan to create their porposed system by taking into consideration all the risk from their school. The researchers are focused more on making an easy to use “Registration with Grading System” for both, the Principal and Guidance Counselor of the respectively and include the gathering of student information of said system.

2.3.2 Designing Phase
In this phase, the researchers complied all the collected data’s and information’s for the purpose of documentation in which served as our guide in making and developing our new system. This system aims to provide the school with accurate student information. The researchers applied their individual techniques to create a unique and genuine system that will satisfy al their requirements and needs for the proposed system. The systems main concerned is the format and structure of information.

2.3.4 Implementation Phase
During system implementation, the researchers documented the program system and made it ready for installation. Analysis of the proposed system was done during implementation for any necessary modification or configuration of the system. The system is now ready to use.

2.3.5 Analysis Implementation
As we, visited Cupang Elementary School Annex (CESA), we first observed their problems regarding of their Registration system, and we’ve come to assist that the current system is not capable and efficient to accommodate the student and school itself because everything is manually done. That is why, we the researchers, conclude to propose a new system that will help lessens their burdens and time about registering a student as well as the other task that being obliged to the guidance counselor of the school. We made our objectives that need to be fulfilling in order to make our proposed system an easy to use, reliable and a helpful one. 2.4 Software Implementation

The researchers used Visual Basic 6.0 as front-end and Microsoft Access
2003 as the back-end of the proposed system. Visual Basic is easy to use and is best to use to build a user-friendly system, and where you can customize your own design in your system.

2.5 Definition of Terms
Computer – It refers to a functional unit that can perform substantial computation including numerous arithmetic operation and logic information without human intervention. Database – It refers to large collection of related files or data in a computer. System – It refers to a group of collection of separated entities or units combined as to form and operate in unison or function as a whole. Programmer – It refers to a person who uses the documentation prepared by the system analyst to code the instruction that causes the computer to transform the information that is needed by the user. Process – It refers to a state on what’s going on.

Ms Access – known as Microsoft Access, is a relational database management system from Microsoft that combines the relational Microsoft Jet Database Engine with a graphical user interface and software-development tools. Visual Basic – Is the third-generation event-driven programming language and integrated development environment (IDE) from Microsoft for its COM programming model. Visual Basic is relatively easy to learn and use.

3.1 Existing system
The Existing Manual System of CESA or Cupang Elementary School Annex is go like this, first, the student must submit their requirements to the teacher according to his/her grade level and the teacher give the said requirements to the Guidance Counselor is the one responsible to filed and encode all the student information according to the submitted requirements, and the principal will sign and approved all the officially enrolled students, and lastly the students will receive the result and wait until the opening of class was started to know what section does he/she belong. 3.2 Proposed System

The Proposed “Registration with Grading System” is go like this, first the student must submit their requirements to the teacher, and the give all the submitted requirements and information to the Guidance Counselor, and the Guidance Counselor is the one responsible to filed and encode all the student information by using the Proposed Computerized Enrollment System, where the Guidance Counselor or the admin user input his/her username and password to access in the system, after the log-in process that’s the time where Guidance Counselor or admin user can manipulate the students records, the Guidance Counselor or Admin user can add, edit, update, delete, search, save and print, he/she also can input the grades of the student to know what section the student belong and validate it, after validating the enrollment, the student will receive the result with hi/her corresponding section.

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