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Psychology Case Study Argumentative

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1) The idea that all knowledge is attained through experience was referred to as _____ by the Greek philosopher Aristotle.
a) Philosophical empiricism
b) Structuralism
c) Foundationalism
d) Functionalism

2) _____ believed that the body was made up of material substances and the mind was made up of immaterial or spiritual substances.
a) Descartes
b) Hobbes
c) Plato
d) Freud
3) Sam’s daughter starts to hit other children while at the playground. Her daughter has never been exposed to violence nor has she ever seen someone hit another person. This would be an example of Plato’s argument called _____. Answer:

4) What was the major difference in emphasis between Wundt and Titchener?
a) Wundt wanted psychology to thrive and started journals and organizations, while Titchener was only concerned with research and experiments.
b) Wundt emphasized how the elements of consciousness were related, while Titchener focused on identifying the basic elements themselves.
c) Wundt wanted to explore the neurological processes of mental events, while Titchener wanted to focus on identifying the basic elements of consciousness.
d) Wundt emphasized the elements of consciousness while Titchener was most interested in the characteristics of human nature.

5) In class one day, your teacher shows you an apple and asks you to think about and record your feelings and perceptions of it. What method is your teacher using?
a) Brain scanning
b) Psychoanalysis
c) Introspection
d) Reinforcement

6) _____ believed that the mind is what the brain does.
a) Hobbes
b) Plato
c) Descartes
d) Freud

7) Which of the following is something NOT measured in reaction time?
a) You are asked to respond every time you see an X.
b) You respond to whether a stimulus appears on the left or the right side of a screen by pressing a button.
c) You are asked to rate how you feel about a particular topic.
d) You are shown a picture of a dog and you are supposed to identify it as an animal or not.

8) Franz Gall developed a psychological theory known as _____, which was one of the first attempts to link physiological traits to behavioral traits. Answer:

9) Paul Broca’s work with a brain-damaged patient who had significant impairment in mental function demonstrated that the brain and the mind are closely linked, providing evidence towards which philosopher’s beliefs about mind and body?
a) Hobbes
b) Descartes
c) Freud
d) Plato

10) What is psychology?
a) Observable behavior of human beings and non-human animals.
b) The scientific study of mind and behavior.
c) The study of the purpose mental processes serves in enabling people to adapt to their environment.
d)The scientific study of mental processes, including perception, thought, memory, and reasoning

11) Which of the following is NOT done by the mind?
a) Remembering
b) Thinking
c) Dreaming
d) Eating

12) For something to be considered behavior, it has to be:
a) Done by a human.
b) Done by a non-human animal.
c) Any of these things.
d) Observable.

1) Dogmatists differ from empiricists in that they:
a) Tend to cling to their assumptions
b) Tend to rely on the scientific method.
c) Rely solely on the development of an accurate hypothesis
d) Believe observation is the key to knowledge

2) A scientist theorizes that several billions of years ago a large asteroid collided with earth, knocking tons of rock into space and creating the moon. Which of the following constitutes a research hypothesis that follows from this theory?
a) It is possible to someday inhabit the moon.
b)The moon, itself, someday will collide with earth
c) The universe was created by a Big Bang.
d) Moon rock should be made of the same elements as earth.

3) Which of the following is the best definition of a hypothesis?
a) Empirical evidence
b) A scientific investigation
c) A falsible prediction
d) A theoretical idea

4) Once you have defined the terms you wish to examine, what is the next step in examining psychoanalytical data?
a) Collecting data
b) Analyzing data
c) Choosing your appropriate measure
d) Reporting your results

5) Which of the following in NOT an example of an operational definition?
a) Defining attractiveness as how pretty a subject is judged to be by participants
b) Defining obedience as the number of times a research participant complies with request of a researcher
c) Defining intelligence as the score achieved on a standardized test
d) Defining happiness as the number of times a person laughs in a day.

6) Researchers have been unable to pinpoint one cause of attention deficit/ hyperactivity disorder in children. There are several factors that can contribute to the existence of the disorder. This is a good example of how the _____ of people makes them difficult to study.
a) Complexity
b) Reactivity
c) Variability
d) Reliability

7) Terrence and Sanjay are studying how music affects attitudes. Terrence recruits 45 students to participate in his experiment while Sanjay tests 12 students. Who has a more reliable study?
a) Neither, because they are using a sample of students, which does not generalize to anyone else.
b) Sanjay, because a small sample is more representative of the population.
c) Terrence, because a larger sample is more representative of the population.
d) Both Terrence and Sanjay, because they are doing the same experiment

8) A Second grade teacher seeks help from a school psychologist because a child in the class is particularly unruly. The school psychologist visits the class one day to observe the child. Knowing that she is being watched, the child decides to be on her best behavior. This scenario best illustrates ____ as a reason for why human behavior is difficult to study.
b) Reactivity
c) Complexity

9) If you take an intelligence test three times within a week and get scores of 100,75, and 125, the test is probably not:
a) Powerful
b) Valid
c) Accurate
d) Reliable

10) A psychologist observes that some people exposed to a traumatic childhood experience develop anxiety disorders later in life, while others do not. This illustrates which of the reasons why human behavior is difficult to study?
a) Variability
b) Complexity
c) Validity

11) Which of the following is an example of validity?
a) Using the amount of money a person has as a measure of happiness
b) Measuring happiness by the number of friends an individual has
c) Using how often a person smiles as a measure of happiness
d) Measuring happiness by person’s career accomplishments

12) Professor King gives his introductory psychology class of 300 students an exam and everyone earns an A. The exam lacks the ____ to detect which students studied and which did not.
a) Significance
b) Validity
c) Powerc) Reliability

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