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This year I’ll be working in a middle school teaching sixth grade. I believe it is very important to set a great foundation for sixth graders. At this level of learning I believe they have to learn discipline. Its important for students at this level to learn discipline to help them grow and mature as students. What better way to help them achieve this through setting in place rules and procedures for the classroom. Starting the year off setting rules will set the students in my classroom up for great success, if the they come in understanding what’s expected of them. Van Brummel suggests, “To create an optimal learning situation, indicate your expectations clearly.” One of these supports will be classroom rules. These rules will be for the entire classroom, which will be set at the beginning of the school year. The rules will be simple and easy to understand for young students. The rules as follows:
1. Bring respect.
2. Be prepared.
3. Don’t interfere with learning.
4. Be positive.

The most important thing in my opinion for a student to do is bring respect to the class. Understanding the need to respect not only other but yourself helps students be more motivated to learn and show self controls. Students may not like each other s opinion on certain things but out of respect they would be willing to listen and learning to disagree agreeably . Be prepared is also a very important rule to set in place students at this age need to start learning how to be responsible this is a get why to hold students accountable . Students should know that there will be consequences for not having the right tool with them when they enter the classroom . Being prepared will help cut down on distraction from movement in the classroom like sharpening pencils or getting forgotten items. This simple rule works in every area also coming to class, with assignments and class discussions.

Another very important rule to have established in the classroom is not interfering with learning. All students have different learning styles so its important to not be a distraction so that everyone in the class can receive what they need from the lesson and teacher. This also goes back to having respect for other that might not be able to grasp lesson as fast. No interference creates a great classroom environment for learning and keeps all students excited and engaged in learning . This also makes it a lot easier for the teacher to identify all the different learning styles.

Lastly just being positive is a great rule to help student bring the right attitude to the classroom. This rule I believe allows students to open up, communicated in class and allows them to ask questions they might be afraid to ask , because they are concern with what another student might say. These rules I believe are easy and will create well-rounded and discipline students.

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