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Primary school rather than secondary school

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Writing task 1 : the maps show changes at the seaside resort of Templeton between 1990 – 2005. The information of the changes at the seaside resort of Templeton in the period of 15 years is revealed in the maps. As can be seen most small houses were replaced by high buildings and factory. The most striking feature in the maps is that in 1990, the right side of the river which was covered by a number of trees and public works ; however, fifteen years later, trees were chopped down to construct the air port near school and industrial zone which was near the railway station. At the same time, the railway was extended around the area. On the other hand, on the West of the resort, the region experienced a significant change with the construction of a number of skyscrapers around the lake instead of houses. In addition, in the middle of the residential area, there was the supermarket.

Task 2: Some experts believe that it is better for children to begin learning foreign language at primary school rather than secondary school. Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages? Never before had foreign become popular and fundamental for people. Thus, it seems to be compulsory for children to learn a foreign language in most of the education systems in countries worldwide; however, some people assert that it is better for children to start learning foreign languages at secondary schools. On the contrary, many people including me believe that teaching the second language beside the mother one for children at the early age is the best method. One of the root reasons that the younger students are, the better they remember.

The research of the Harvard University conducted in 2000 revealed that 5-10 year-old children have ability to remember and concentrate better than teenagers or adults do because children’s brains are more space to absorb new information. They are able to remember quickly and deep vocabularies and imitate words adults say. As a result, learning new language is more convenient for children at primary schools in comparison with that in secondary schools. The second factor encouraging children at early age to study foreign languages is primary schools have fewer subjects than secondary ones have.

Consequently, they have much more time to focus on learning on languages. In contrast, pupils in secondary schools have to spend time for a great variety of subjects such as maths, literature, science and so on. Hence, it difficult for them to concentrate on one subject namely foreign language compared with small children. All things considered, the sooner allowing children to learn foreign language, the better. Provide the best condition for children to help them be familiar with language at the early age is the method to stimulate children to study better language in the future.

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