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President’s George Washington and John Adams

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Many people wonder what makes a person become president? A truly complicated question like that is hard to follow with bare facts. There are so many different personality traits and social events that can alter how people look at other people, therefore outcome for a presidency election can go either way. This essay will try to establish ideas for a suitable president by comparing and contrasting two presidents together. The two presidents are George Washington and John Adams. Two man that come from the same era but was one better than the other? This essay will explore both of the presidents’ lives before they became president and also contrast their lives during their presidency.

George Washington was born on February 11, 1732, in Westmoreland County, Virginia. At the age of 11 his first major tragedy came upon him, which was the death of his father. Washington obtained a limited formal education, which is roughly equivalent to an elementary education by today’s standards. Already at a young age, Washington rivaled with John Adams. Adams was once quoted saying that Washington was “too illiterate, unlearned, unread for his station and reputation (Presidents pg 2).” In 1748, while Washington was living with his brother at Mount Vernon, he secured the position of surveyor for Lord Fairfax’s lands in the Shenandoah Valley. In 1753 Washington was living in complete comfort with 5,000 acres of land.

In 1753, Washington offered his services to Virginia’s lieutenant governor, to lead a mission to Ohio to warn the French out of town. In 1754 Washington built a major blunder called fort Necessity, with no success of keeping the French out, Washington retreated back with his men. In the 1770s Washington helped out with the revolution as a general. He did not have many victories but won the important battles that helped America to victory over the British. Once the war ended, Washington was highly respected everywhere he went and by everybody for his duties during the war. Knowing that he can become king very easily, Washington decided to go back home and he turned over his powers of the military over to the government.

Washington was defiantly qualified to become president of America in my opinion. He proved this by being a highly respected war general. Also the public loved Washington, in their eyes he could do nothing wrong. Because of his war record and well taught out decisions I defiantly think he was qualified to become president of America.

In 1789 Washington become president of America by a unanimous vote. During his time in office, Washington started many traditions that we still have today. For example it was Washington who started the Presidential Cabinet, the four year term, and the farewell address.

During Washington’s time in office a war broke out between the government of France and the citizens of France. This war would bring many hardships to the president. One of the main hardships was picking a side. Washington was being pressured by the opposite political parties of the federalist and the anti-federalist. The anti-federalist wanted Washington to send military aid to the citizens and the federalist wanted Washington to send aid to the government of France. As a result Washington decided that America was going to stay neutral and stay out of the war completely.

While in office Washington had many great accomplishments. His greatest accomplishment came in 1791 when he signs the national bank charter. Even thou there was much protest against it mainly by the anti-federalist, Washington went on and approved the national bank. I think this is Washington’s greatest accomplishment because it paved the way for commerce and industry that helped America out of debt and help rebuild America financially.

Not all of Washington accomplishments have a positive reaction. Washington’s worst law came in 1791 when he approved and excise tax on Whiskey. This tax was bad from the start because he was taxing a luxury which for many Americans was an enjoyment drink after a hard days work. Because of this tax, in 1795 a rebellion happened what is known today as the whiskey rebellion. Which turned deadly and Washington was forced to call out the army to try to contain and stop it.

Overall Washington defiantly deserves the title as “Father of his Country”. He started many well respected traditions. Also with the entire army on his side he could have took off and become well wealthy by abusing his powers but he did not. That is why I think George Washington is defiantly one of the greatest presidents ever to serve his country.

John Adams was born on October 19, 1735, at Braintree, Massachusetts. Growing up on a farm Adams was more attracted to playtime rather than schooling. In 1751 Adams enrolled at Harvard, four years later he received his degree and went on to become a schoolmaster not far from Boston. In 1758 Adams went on to become a lawyer, even thou he was well educated he was very unsuccessful as a lawyer.

Even thou growing up as an unsuccessful lawyer Adams soon found his place in the American Revolution. It was not until 1765 when Adams protested the stamp act, till his genius was finally recognized by the public. In 1774 Adams served as a delegate from Massachusetts to the first Continental Congress. During his services in the Continental Congress, Adams was Involved with nearly every vital decision.

Adams was highly recognized in guiding the way to Independence. I think that because of his time in the Continental Congress, Adams was well qualified in becoming president of America. He was highly educated in his decision making that would affect the future. That is why I think Adams would make a good president.

In 1797 Adams was elected into office, which was no easy victory for him. Adams was elected in only by three votes. During his stay in office, Adams could not get anything done. Every time he decided on something Jefferson would oppose it and nothing would get done.

Luckily for Adams there were no world events that threaten any decision making but instead the main problem was that at home. The main problem was the two political parties’ federalist and the anti-federalist were at their worst in arguing. Instead of working together they were complete opposites. What ever one party said the other would say the opposite. Because of such pointless arguing Adams could not get anything done in office.

During his time in office, Adams did not have much to show by. With all the arguing between the federalist and the anti-federalist, Adams’ prime goals were to destroy the anti-federalist. Because of this, Adams created the Alien and Sedition Act. These acts really diminished his popularity, which it was a horrible law to sign. The Sedition Act said that printing any false propaganda against the government was punishable by law, while the Alien Act lengthened the time it took to become a citizen. Also if any immigrant was found doing or plotting treason they would get deported. This was a bad law because it stripped citizens of its laws and was clearly and event to weaken the anti-federalist.

The only good accomplishment Adams can get credited for; is when he handed over the presidency with character to his rival Jefferson. Adams could have done what he wanted too but it the footsteps of Washington and he gave up his office peacefully. Because of this it showed respect and that the government can work even at hardships within it self.

Overall I am disappointed with Adams because he did have the traits of a good president but he mainly focused his goals on destroying the anti-federalist. If the two parties were at most ease between each other, I believe Adams would have made better decisions to help out the country.

Both Adams and Washington grew up in the same era. Even thou Adams was more educated than Washington, Washington made up for that with his natural charm that always gained him trust. Since both of the presidents had their parts on the American Revolution, I believe that each were opposite of each other. Where Washington was more physical, meaning he would go out and fight, Adams was more of a political figure where he made vital decisions in the Continental Congress. Both having vital roles in the outcome of the American Revolution, I still have to give the upper hand to Washington because he led an army to victory which overall shaped the outcome.

Since Adams was being blocked by Jefferson in every decision he made, Adams did get to many accomplishments. Washington on the other hand was able to accomplish many goals during his office. Some accomplishments include the national bank, the Neutrality Proclamation, and Jay’s treaty. Once again since Adams did not get much done Washington wins the battle in greatest accomplishment when he approves the national bank. Comparing the National Bank, to Adams’ peaceful goodbye, both have their strong points but the National Bank is much stronger in helping form the country.

Overall Washington wins the presidency over Adams. With more accomplished and a happier public I defiantly think Washington is the better man for the job. I also agree that Washington should continue being called the “Father of his Country.”

Whereas Adams had high intelligence he struggled during his presidency, where Washington proved to be a better man with a happier public and more goals accomplished during his presidency. Therefore even both men were highly respected Washington comes out as the better man due to his character.

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