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Places of Interest in Great Britain

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Great Britain is rich in world-famous places. Certainly among them there are famous university cities Oxford and Cambridge, Shakespeare’s birthplace — Stratford-upon-Avon, towns of Cardiff, Edinburgh and Glasgow. Stratford-upon-Avon is a small town. Its chief points of interest are associated with Shakespeare, the greatest English poet and playwright. Shakespeare was buried in the church at Stratford on the banks of the Avon. The Royal Shakespeare Theatre was opened in Stratford in 1932. Only Shakespeare’s plays are performed here. Those who come to Oxford certainly are interested in its university most of all. It was founded in the 12th century.

But there is no “university” as such in Oxford. The component parts of the University of Oxford are the colleges. Each college is practically autonomous. But they do not stand in isolation, they are mixed together with houses, shops and offices. Cardiff is the capital of Wales and its chief port. Cardiff is also a tourist centre. There are some places of interest there. Wales is sometimes called “the land of song”.

One of the Welsh traditions is festivals. Song festivals are very popular. Edinburgh is a city where the historic past lives side by side with the present. Edinburgh Castle is the most famous building in the city. Edinburgh is especially famous for its festivals. In summer there is the Edinburgh Festival. This is Britain’s biggest arts festival. There is a prehistoric monument in Great Britain which is as interesting to the tourists as the Egyptian pyramids. This is Stonehenge. Stonehenge was built in order to calculate the annual calendar and seasons.

There are many different means of transport. Sometimes we can’t imagine how people could live without cars, buses, trains and planes many years ago. Some people prefer travelling by car, others think that it’s dangerous and polluts the environment. Whatever your views, there’s no doubt that travelling by car has both many advantages, and a lot of disadvantages. To begin with the speed, we can move quickly from one place to another. We don’t have to waste our time and wait for a bus. If we want to go to the hospital we do not need to go to the bus station and wait. It is very important, because we can travel wherever and whenever we want. Secondly, cars are always available and we can go by car everywhere.

Sometimes in small villages bus travels very rarely. People have to wait for a long time to go to the town. Availability is the second advantage of travelling by car. Moreover, we can also have touring holiday when and where we want. If we want to go for a trip, we don’t have to book bus tickets- it’s too complicated. If we have a car, we need only a map or GPS system and we can simply get into a car and go! On the other hand, travelling by car is not very comfortable for a driver. He cannot relax, he has to be careful all the time.

Vehicles are forced to stay in traffic jams, it is also very uncomfortable. Passangers can sleep or doing what thay want. When driver is very tired, he can be as dangerous on the road as drunk driver. Travelling by car is dangerous, too. There are many crashes on the roads and we should be very careful and sensible. There are many people, who want to drive after alcohol, they cause a lot of accidents. In my opinion they are irresponsible and immature and people who drink and drive should lose their driving licence for life.

Using a car is also very expensive. If you have a car you have to pay much money for petrol and services. Petrol prices are very high. In my opinion people should use gas more than petrol because gas is better for the envierment. What is more, the gas is cheaper. To sum up, if we have money and remember about politness, patience and responsable driving even when we have problems with finding a parking space and we get nervous- we can enjoy driving for many years, for sure.

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