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Russian Essays

The last tsarina of Russia

‘L’Imperatrice de Russie, Alexandra Feodorovna et la Grande Duchesse, Anastasie’, reads a 1901 postcard from the collection of a well-travelled Frenchman. This postcard depicts a mother holding a baby: a mother enjoying blissful tranquility before the advent of the Russian Revolution that would see the two engulfed in fire and …

Describe the Russia that Tsar Nicholas II Inherited

On the 1st of November 1894, Tsar Alexander III of Russia died of nephritis. Upon his death, his son Nicholas assumed the throne, becoming the Tsar of the Russian people being known as Nicholas II. He ascended at the age of 26 and had little political or imperial experience in …

Was Rasputin to Blame for the Fall of the Romanov Dynasty?

The Russian Tsar, Nicholas II, abdicated from power in 1917 bringing to an end the 300 year old Romanov dynasty. This essay will be looking at the reasons for his fall from power, how much Rasputin had influenced this and will ask was it Rasputin or did other factors bring …

Does Alexander II Deserve the Title of 'Tsar liberator'?

Following the anticlimactic and repressive reign of his father Nicholas, Alexander II came to power as Tsar at what was notably a critical time for the Russian economy. In the years previous to Alexander coming to be head of the autocracy, an atmosphere for change had clearly began to materialise, …

To What Extent Was Lenin a Good Leader?

During the period lasting from 1917 up until 1924, Lenin remained leader of Russia through the Bolshevik party. During this time he made many decisions that could either be described as being reflective of a good or bad leader. This essay will look at to what extent Lenin was a …

How Successfully Did Lenin Establish Communist Rule 1918-1924?

Lenin used many different means to attempt to make his Communist ideal work in Russia. He, effectively, utilised propaganda, pragmatism and a certain amount of good luck to keep his reign secure, and also to make sure that it was likely to stay secure for a good many years to …

The Sino-Soviet Split

Recognised as one of the key influences on the fate of the Cold War socialist bloc, the decline in Sino-Soviet relations has been the focus of extensive historical analysis since it first made international headlines in the 1960s. The tight control exercised by both Soviet and Chinese government agencies, however, …

Rasputin, His Hold Over The Romanovs

Introduction Problem Statement             Until 1917, Russia was ruled by a loyal family called the Romanovs. The head of that family was Tsar Nicholas II, and he ruled Russia with help of nobles appointed by him as advisers; however, majority of Russians who were peasants or town workers had to …

The Russian Mafia

Abstract Most people would equate organized crime groups with the Italian Mafia or Japanese Yakuza. However, the Russian Mafia groups have also recently become a formidable and influential group, similar to their foreign counterparts. These groups have been in existence since only by a few decades or so, but their …

Russian State

By 1462 the Moscow State, which has just overthrown Tatars sovereignty, was not larger than the European part of the modern Russia. By 1500 hovewer it already posessed huge territories in Siberia and Asia and was geopolitcally identical to that of the XIX and XX centuries. Modern Russia’s big territory …

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