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Italy Essays

Influence of European States to Unification of Italy

Italy was unified in 1871. There were three important individuals who had shown extreme efforts in unifying Italy. They were Mazzini, garibaldi and Cavour. Cavour was considered to be the most important person in unifying Italy, Eventhough he only ends the steps of Mazzini and garibaldi who initially started the …

The Baroque in Italy

1. What did Bernini desire to symbolize with his colonnade? * “The motherly arms of the Church.” –meant embracing the church 2. What is a defining characteristic of Baroque art? * Baroque art was usually large in scale because of its role to be propagandist in its religious subject. Paintings …

Romanesque and Gothic Architecture

The Romanesque Culture (c.a.10th-12th centuries) began with the rise of France and England, after the period known as “The Dark Ages”. This rise would also be credited to the rise Romanesque church achitecture and sculpture. Romanesque churches were escalated in scale and based on the earlier Roman basilicas plans, which …

Global Business Cultural Analysis: Italy

Abstract Globalization has an impact on how nations do international business. In ever nation there are particular dimensions of culture that can impact international business. The paper will discuss and analyze the major elements and dimensions of culture in Italy. The dimensions of culture discussed in the paper are languages, …

Analyse the aims, motives and policies of Cavour between 1852 and 1861

Cavour was a very important, if not key player in the reunification of Italy in the 1800s. His role in Italian unification is widely debated, as are is aims and underlying motives. Many hold contrasting views as to whether he was an Italian nationalist or merely a Piedmontese expansionist, and …

Describe the process of Italian unification in the 19th century

During the 18th century, intellectual changes began to dismantle traditional values and institutions. Liberal ideas from France and Britain spread rapidly, and from 1789 the French Revolution became the genesis of “liberal Italians”. A series of political and military events resulted in a unified kingdom of Italy in 1861. The …

The Reasons why the Renaissance started in Italy

The Renaissance started in Italy for many different reasons. For one, the Italians simply saw what they used to be… the ancient city of Rome, mainly. They also probably wanted stability, with all this war and church nonsense going around. Finally, they needed something to do in these dark times, …

Explanation of the role of Guiseppe Garibaldi in the Unification of Italy

Giuseppe Garibaldi has been referred to by many historians as ‘the foremost military figure and popular hero of the age of Italian unification’. Indeed, unlike Mazzini known as the “thinker” of the movement towards a united Italian state, Garibaldi can be seen as the “sword” of the ‘Risorgimento’, whose efforts …

Classical Humanism And The Renaissance

Classical Humanism is described as “a phenomenon that gave the Renaissance”¦.its distinctly secular stamp.” Define classical humanism in its historical context and discuss the values and philosophy that shaped the literature and visual art of the Renaissance. The great intellectual movement of Renaissance Italy was humanism. The humanists believed that …

European history of the 19th century: Napoleon III and Bismarck

“Napoleon’s tragedy was that his ambitions surpassed his capacities; Bismarck’s tragedy was that his capacities exceeded his society’s ability to absorb them. The legacy Napoleon left for France was strategic paralysis; the legacy the Bismarck left for Germany was unassimilable greatness”(statement made by Henry Kissinger) is in my opinion a …

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