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Paris Essays

Paris Essay Samples & Examples

When people hear the word Paris, they probably think about romance, love stories. Paris essays don’t have to be only about these themes. You can write about the construction of Eiffel Tower, history of France, trips to Paris, traveling, tourism.

Begin writing your essay related to the theme of Paris with preparing an outline. Choose the topic and jet down the plan. It will be easier for you to write the paper itself. In the outline, single out the introduction, main body, and conclusion. Make the main body more detailed and mention two or three supporting statements. If you have the exact plan, your paper will be thought-over. At the final stage, edit and proofread your work to avoid any grammatical or stylistic mistakes.

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Appraising Paris as a Tourist Destination

The aim of this assignment is to evaluate the factors which have contributed to the success of Paris as a tourist destination – transport, cultural and social tourism, entertainment and special events. The commercialisation of Paris’ rich cultural heritage is examined and the positive and negative aspects of the tourism …

Disneyland Paris and Manhattan in New York

Hello everybody, and first of all I would like to thank you for attending the welcome meeting on the 1st July, here at the Disneyland Hotel! I will try not to keep you here long as I am sure you want to explore the park and the hotel on this …

Paris Street, Rainy Day by Gustave Caillebotte and Harmony in Red by Henri Matisse

            Gustave Caillebotte and Henri Matisse were two of the most well-renowned French painters of the 19th century. Though the two existed in the same period, Caillebotte and Matisse employed different artistic styles which were Impressionism for Caillebotte while Matisse focused more on Fauvism. Generally, Caillebotte’s Paris Street, Rainy Day …

Impressionism: Art in Paris from the 19th to the 20th Century

As I let myself drift away to the solemnity of Claude Debussy’s Claire de Lune, visions of the Eiffel tower’s majestic lights and passionate lovers strolling with their hands clasped together whispering sweet nothings find their way into my imagination. I can even smell the sumptuous French cuisine, people drinking …

Comparing 'Quickdraw' with 'in Paris with You'

How do the Poets James Fenton and Carol Ann Duffy Present the Pain of Love in their Poems ‘In Paris with You’ and ‘Quickdraw’? James Fenton and Carol Ann Duffy are both contemporary poets. Their poems ‘In Paris with You’ and ‘Quickdraw’ both include the themes of the pain of …

Tourism in Paris

Paris is the capital of France (Most visited country in the world). It is the largest country in Europe with approximately 65million inhabitants. Founded about 2000years ago, Paris is a modern and vibrant city. It is called the ‘City of Lights’. Paris is the shopping and fashion capital of the …

Louis Vuitton’s Challenges

I. Company Overview a) LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy) LVMH is one of the most successful luxury goods conglomerate, headquartered in Paris, founded in 1987. Well-known luxury goods group, Christian Dior is the main holding company of LVMH, owning 43% of its share. The company holds about 60 subsidiaries world-wide …

Rizal - Paris to Berlin (1885-87)

Rizal went to Paris and Germany in order to specialize in ophthalmology -He chose this branch because he wanted to cure his mother’s eye ailment He also continued his travels and observations of European life and customs, government and laws in Paris, Heidelberg, Leipzig and Berlin In Berlin, Jose met …

Paris street, Rainy day - Gustave Caillebotte

In this Oil on canvas painting Gustave Caillebotte is revealing the amazing talent he got to turn a real life picture into a painting. In this painting _Paris Street, Rainy day_ the artist selected a complex intersection in Paris near Saint Lazare train station. This painting was painted during the …

My Trip to France

Upon arriving in Paris, I first went to see the illuminated Eiffel Tower at night. After waiting on a long line, finally getting on the cramped elevator reminded me of being on a New York City subway at rush hour as I could barely breathe. However, once I got to …

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