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Mediated: Human and Thoughts

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De Zengotita is an anthropologist, he is a person who has an extensive knowledge about anthropology which means to be a humanistic. He is a person who love human beings and his culture and also philosopher and a damn good one who covers his ground with authority. He was a teacher at the Dalton School, he enjoyed deep exposure to the trends of teenagers, and also a professor at NYU’s Graduate School of Arts & Science, he is a professor of anthropology at New York University (Harper’s guru). He got his developments in the highly cultured stuff. His both manners are being beautifully seen in nthis book. In recet years, Tom de Zengotita has arise one of the most desire able of the Harper’s Magazine essayists. And his book ‘’ Mediated’’ also contain the themes of his Harper’s work. The result is an attractive and charming, funny, and deeply serious meditation in our emotional postmodern lives. and anti-terrorist dress.


The book Mediated is deeply funny, charming and delivered to the public with emotional point of view in such elevated character. This book is much intrusting for those people who have deep talks and thinking and serious about the cultural issues.


Mediated refers that its much better to awake people from media rather than to give them solutions. The author emphasizes on the fact that media is being pressurized on us. He also points out that what are those factors which affect our personality and what things are responsible for replacing our society from pure into fake. He argues that its better to find out the causes which affects the society rather on publishing new articles, booklets and magzines. These are the all affects and their cause is the reasons why media is so affectfull to our personalities. On the basis of his analysis the fake things and the ideas is not outwardly affected but it also has deep affects. Their ideas are not based on reality but these are their just dramatic anc imaginary thoughts. These thoughts are not technical but are based on options given by the media.

We select the options that what kind of people we are, what kind of people media is trying to make us. He argues that the people are diong this. We have more optionl thjings that are not based on reality. The author just tells us the importance of originality. If we compares our new generation’s thoughts with the old veiws, it seems to be the great difference between both the views. that the opposite of reality is not superficial, infact it is optional. We are selecting the difference between that what kind of people we wre ang whats media trying to make us.

He argues that people is ding this with full freedom, the main difference is that we have more options and we are becoming optional. We are selecting the options to make the the difference between that what kind of people we are and whats media is going to make us. Author reveals that people are doing this the only thing that differs is that we are more optional. We have more options in our lives. If we compare our attitudes, cultures and customs with old customs it seems to be the large difference. They were more culturist and we are more optional in our matters. The media is trying to expend the options. “.


As we see, almost everything, like every accident, every news, has been deliver to us by media prism which, in turn, colors or fake or with the addition of very fake point of views, not just our view of this life, but our own self-definition. We have also settled our minds according to what the media wants to. and our minds are inchoate. Moreover, the every pattern of our life which we have been adapted now, infact our normal habits, our life styles are hectic and discontinuous and quite different from our older generations, because our older generations love and support their culture and their life style and thinking are not confused like us. .The first half of 20th century our life style, as recently as , were different in kind: isolated, unchanging, experiencing great events at a sluggardly distance. If we observe that in so many situations we become pause and ponder. De Zengotita, who has a wonderful way with personal anecdotes ,who presented as a based in real incident and he is a realistic person, says silly little reconstructed things can make you cry, and he’s quite right in his point of view.

The writer says new generation has mediated thoughts, but our older generation were not such mediated personalities. Old music hall stars perished and vanished forever. Old wonders of history were just written about by the media, but not experienced. The world had heroes, like, Nelson or Alexander, but the world did not see them close up, if at all. Human existence was so restricted and confined. Most people had few choices in their life to make because life itself gave them few options. New generations are becoming more puzzle and confused. They are not able to take one and final decision about their life and their future. They’re sifting the mediated options, deciding who they are o De Zengotita remembers looking at his mother one day in the kitchen and thinking: ‘That woman bore me in her womb.’

We’ve all done that, I guess. But is it reality or a line from a movie somewhere? In Mediated the author title the book as as self praising , he says that how media stated a culture which have indulged us in self loving attitudes. This makes people selfish, self centerd and they start loving themselves. The sacrificing spirit have vanished among them. Me and you is also the part of this. The people are becoming selfish and they even flatters oyher for their own means. lets suppose, he doesn’t know what a hero should be and what heroism is, because a true heroes doesn’t exist in our society and as well as in our media. A true heroism needs sacrizing spirit, illigibility, mature thinking with deep emotions, on, and well experienced, has been replaced with the fake replicas of the real product that losses the real consumer product and not the ability of heroism.

Mostly the act of increasing ones power and in doing so they show aggressive behaviour ,and also they suppose their advertisers as a fictional character that comics them in every media form, and it results that we lost our ability in understanding or recognizes the real heroes from the fake ones. And as a result we have became more fake and lost our real personality and identity, for such a kind act, thanks to media by the way.We are no longer remains a true human, but ba fake ones We are have learned from television “method acting,” so that a media person could take a microphone to any Average person and that Average person would be like to give an average interview. In the writer’s point of view that we are so unable to recognize the true idea, that conects with our true and pure feelings that dintinguishes them from fakers. zengotita has recoginized truth, usualy moking and always find the way to make us believe in their fake ideas and thoughts.

As media is moulding our personality in the they wants to. The writer wants to realize us that a person having fake identity have lost his own identity and have also lost their own point of views and fakeness has covered its real guts. We are the persons having individual personality. Thomas de Zengotita’s Mediated is a best addition to understand the term postmodernism.In the starting of the book it seems to be a very interesting having revolutionized thoughts that he wanted to make us realize that postmodernism is all about our culture its analogous to our culture. In the author’s point of view, we’re surrounded by a “adulatory field of represented options”.

In other words, we are persons used of fake complements and adlutary, mostly gets flittered with smooth tongued words which results we have lost our real identities. This ties in to de Zengotita’s other themes: that postmodernism is plot that integrates all the cultures and all the populations regardless of all the differences. It seems to be that that the are blend into each other by forgetting all their differences and dislikes as well as likes, and now we seems to be look like busy in our those acts and matters which we consider, are important for us, in other words we have made our new and individual identity by our own will.

In this book, author refers to the second person, as he continously emphasizes on the importance of the time again and again. He says that this contemporary culture which we say as post modernism is depend on us, we are the people which mould it in a way we wants to. This disputable culture is more suitable to the book as this is more compatible to the youngsters and seems to be incompatible to the middle class. The author says, a “mediated” means alot in our lives. On watching such tragedic acts on t.v or some emotional magazines, people respond to those events which they watched or listened, very serious, wether they are major or minor ones. They became crazy about them and respond quite alarmingly, which results their hypertension. Which are becoming harmful for them. People take media so serious and becoming intermediated between their thoughts and from those thoughts which media have imposed on them. Our happiness and sorrows are dependent on media’s news. Which is very wrong and writer has mentioned very beautifully this thing in his book instead of writing an article against media. Our older people are much more mature than us because they are experienced and they have not such type of thoughts like us.

Now people began to start crying on litsening the news of just a minor actor and they comit sucide. The writter just wants to make the clear difference between those who are medi addicted and those who are not. Its all about the fact people took media so serious that they lose their real identity. Their thougts are becoming fake and the news of media has been over come on therir minds and their personalities. They lose their indiviualities and they make the ideas of media to their ideas. Media make them upset and media make them happy.Actually media is giving shape to our life and also the way we live in it. Mediated’s reading, is a process that overloaded us with the new thoughts and ideas. Since we are constantly stuffing our heads, that we cant understand. We are now became a highly confused personality, as everything around us is madly asking for attention we are confused in both the literal and nonliteral sense and not have enough time to highlight the difference.

And this shows, De Zengotia observes, what has been happening on this earth in terms of human resources and whats going on with humanity?. “Our attention and movement through the last few centuries has been more like that of the skidding car than the steady march of progress we sometimes kid ourselves into believing in…” In fact, a reaction against progress begins to set in, “It can get to be a problem, this new new thing… Maybe the postmodern taste for old fasioned and medly is more than a cultural aspect? Maybe it’s a need.”

One of the glamorous part of Mediated is its sense of our common experience of life at this point in the Twenty First Century, that fake tales and that fake things that we consider reality and accept that fictions as reality. The book is not so much condemnation of ourselves as a warning. We are in danger of losing a sense of belonging to the world that we live in, of feeling natural and complete. By watching full time media, people loses their morality. They have lost their moral values. They started voilence on earth on watching every time fake media. The dramatic media always try to provocate the people. The sad part is that media trying to moke the people, and people are easily getting moked by them. It’s very that our society is being the target of making fun of others.


In 21st century, media is has hypnotize the thoughts of the youngsters. Youngsters are liking the media. They took very serious their views, ideas, traditions by forgetting their own ideas and views. They starting overcome the minds of people. They are mently became attached with the media that they make media’s loss as theirs. They have became so interested in media’s news about their favourite actors, politicians and have mently so much attached with them, so that they start begin cry on hearing minor sad news or we can say a rumour. In the start the book. Author codes an example of such a person that begin to start even crying on listening the news of the murder of the president. They became so indulge in them that they forget their family even, they are giving much importance to them in their thoughts. Is this correct to replace our thoughts with media?

Is this suited for our generation?

I recommend this book, as this will help us in making the difference between the fake and true people. People are now becoming fake in their thoughts as this is dangerous for our society and as well as our new generation. This is an alarming book, which alarms us for the future problems in our society. As people are forgetting their values and even culture, author reminds us all these things. As he is continuously paying emphazies on the time. As time is much more important in our lives. Time has a healing power. It helps to regain our original thoughts, culture and our idea. It teaches us that we should be culturist and should love our culture and respect it. It helps us to understand those feelings in our lives that we all have lost. Actually the real charm of the author is that he is emotional and culturist.

He respect his culture very much. He loves humanity so this book also teaches us the humanity. The way we are spending our lives in a very fastly and we have no time to look upon the things around us. We don’t know what’s going on in our surroundings. The author highlights that every person has its own personality and thoughts. We should not be dependent on others thoughts and ideas. God has created every person free. We should not make our thinking the slave of other. We should be free in our thoughts. We should extend our thoughts and culture. Finally I would like to conclude that the author has great personality. He has great thoughts about humanity. His each thought forced me to recommend this book to all those people who have overburdened media over there minds. It was a great ann wonderfull experience with the book. My thoughts are completely changed about media,

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