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Letter of Motivation Argumentative

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Dear Sir or Madam:
I am truly interested in applying for the master’s program ABC starting in winter 2014 intake in order to enhance my career prospects in the field of construction. I have graduated from Hochiminh city University of Technology with Bachelor degree in Industrial electrical engineering. I have known the ABC from both Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst in Vietnam and my sister who has been studying in the Logistic master course at Westfälische Hochschule University in Essen. I myself was thoroughly persuaded and highly motive to apply for this program at the first time I completely read its description. Because, it is jointly operated by two well-known science universities …. and aims at people in the field of building construction and real estate like me. Moreover, taking part in this program means that I can receive the overall requisite knowledge of engineering, economics, management and communication as well. Furthermore, studying in the international master programme where students come from everywhere gives me the opportunity to come into contact with new cultures and languages.

During my bachelor studies, I underwent the experience of construction when I took part in the designing and developing electrical system in building of professors’ projects. After graduating, I chose to work in the multinational construction companies in Vietnam. During these years I have held the Cash flow and Materials manager and Project manager position respectively for Electrical apartment in two international projects. It has helped me gain the indispensable knowledge in the construction field. To improve myself, I enrolled the Construction project execution supervision Industrial civil engineer and Technical Infrastructure course held by Academy of Managers for Construction and Cities of Ministry of Construction. However, I obviously perceive that to become a competent manager in this environment, I must have the construction and real estate management knowledge from this top-level programme. Considering my substantial construction know-how, I strongly believe that I am the right person to ABC course by some outstanding strong points. Firstly, I am managing an international project in Hochiminh city now, which complies with the professionals in the course completely.

Secondly, working as a manager for over five years, I have done various tasks relating to building construction or finance that help my study become easier than those who lack this factor. Lastly, I am very familiar with working, negotiation or communication to foreigners in English. So, there are not challenges when I study in the international course. In particular, some modules offered in this program as Project development and management, Financial and Investment planning or International site management are works I have done. Therefore, I can help my classmates be more understanding them by my rich experiences. These reasons have given me the confidence to pursue the ABC course. Instantly I am application for this course, I will embark upon a new stage of my life, I believe that a postgraduate study will provide a milestone in my future career along with invaluable experiences and knowledge that will allow me to aim at the Project director position in the next five years. It is my dream to impart the useful knowledge I received from this programme to my intra-national colleagues to help them to improve themselves. Furthermore, the Green building innovation in … is new trend in the building construction. It has been influenced to our architect’s opinionative design remarkably.

Therefore, it is very meaningful to study and apply these new technologies for the development progress of construction field in Vietnam. Choosing to study in Germany is the best considered choice that I have ever made so far because I know …. possesses the great applied science programs and its universities are the top ones in the world. Moreover, being the violist, I am longing for listening to the symphonies as Symphony no.5 in C minor or Hungarian dance No.5 on the place where I am going to.

Personally, I am a perseverant, ambitious and motive person. My director and colleagues know me as a courteous and resourceful engineer, and my staffs admire me as a pleasant and an enthusiastic manager. I have also established a charity organization names “Share Love” with slogan “Share to be full”. It aims to provide the vocational scholarships and learning equipments for poor students in high school. I am confident that the overall opportunities to study in Germany will broaden my know-how horizon and give me a chance to gain world class education and help me become a comprehensive capable construction manager. I hope that I will be accepted as an applicant to study in the ABC programme in the 2014 academic year. I deeply understand that admission to the ABC is competitive, but I am also confident that I am qualified and eager, and I have also prepared to meet all of its challenges. I would be most grateful if you could consider my application favorably.

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